Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Not Kulfi, but Amyra hears Gunjan’s big revelation of Kulfi’s real father
The interesting storyline of ‘Kulfi Kumar Bajewala’ is all set to bring a high voltage drama.

Gunjan finally recovered her lost voice where now she determines to tell Sikandar about her real daughter Kulfi.

But things take troll when Amyra plans to surprise everyone and insists Kulfi to wear the school uniform.

Meanwhile, the light goes off when Gunjan reveals the truth that Sikandar is Kulfi’s real father, not Tevar and Amyra who comes with torch is left hell shocked hearing the truth and drops the torch.
Amyra in deep shock
Unfortunately not Kulfi but Amyra hears the truth while Gunjan was telling the truth to Kulfi.

It will be highly intense to watch how this major shocker will affect little Amyra.

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