The Episode starts with Kartik saying maybe Dadi got scared by the bad omen, she is already upset with Akhilesh. He asks Naira not to think about it, else it will be trouble for him. He jokes. She says I feel like shooting you with this arrow right now. He holds her close and says you have already shot me. She smiles and gets away. She holds a bow and shoots towards him. He picks the arrow and acts that it has struck his heart. He also shoots an arrow. He catches the arrow and breaks it. Piyaa Baawri….plays… They shoot at the hanging cloth bag and shower petals/poppers/colors on each other. They dance. They get under a red curtain. Kartik gets close to her. They hug. They hear some people talking and go to check. Manish says I know whats bothering you, it happened many years ago, no use to recall that. Kartik sees Manish and Dadi. Manish says if you worry much, people will doubt, how will we hide it, even Akhilesh, Suwarna and Surekha don’t know it, what will we answer Akhilesh, what happened when he was at the hostel. Kartik says please be quiet. The man says sorry. Kartik sees Manish gone. Naira says Dadi looked worried. Kartik says we will ask them at home.
Someone looks on. Raavan heads are seen. Naksh asks Kirti to keep medicines and kada for Naira, I bought for next month in advance. Kirti asks why, Kartik will take care of this. He says he stays busy. She says everyone is busy, but you take care of me well, everyone fulfills responsibility. He says no, just in case, I wanted to ask if staff looks after Naira’s needs, I will hire a nurse for her. She says you aren’t doing right, don’t intervene between a couple. He says you also don’t intervene between siblings, come, we are getting late.
Kartik thinks kids are worried by the family issues. He signs Naira. They do makeup to Lav and Kush and try to cheer the kids. Naira asks should I convince them. Kartik says yes, we have less time, we have to do Ramleela. Naira says fights between brothers keep happening, but family doesn’t break, whoever needs help asks for it, when elders become young ones, the kids must grow up, because we make the family together. Kartik says yes, being modern doesn’t mean getting selfish. Naira says its our decision, how we deal with problems. Kartik says we will convince Akhilesh. Naira says yes, you can’t back down. Kartik says today’s generation is one who fixes broken relations, drive away misunderstandings and brings hearts closer. Naira says I have faith in my Lav and Kush. She calls them cute monkeys. Kartik says you must only smile in real life. They hug Lav and Kush.

Manish and Suwarna greet guests. Singhanias come. Manish hugs Kirti. Akhilesh and Surekha ignore Singhanias. Manish and Dadi sadly cry. Reporters greet Akhilesh and thank for inviting them. Akhilesh answers their questions and smiles. Manish says he looks so good, happy and confident. Suwarna says this is overconfidence. Manish asks what are you saying. Suwarna says you will just hide your feelings. Manish says I can’t upset Akhilesh, I can’t take the risk. She says you are falling weak. He says he is my brother, he is like my child, don’t say anything against him. A man pushes chair and goes. Suwarna holds Manish. Reporters see Manish and go to him. Akhilesh gets angry. Someone pays the man for pushing the chair. He laughs.
Kartik and Naira make an announcement. Everyone smiles and claps. Kartik says forget your anger, sorrow and pain, forget the differences and enjoy the function. Naira says its Dussehra today, the day when good wins over evil, so applaud and mesmerize everyone. Manish and Akhilesh clap. Bhabhimaa says Manish is still the same, he loves children, but Akhilesh is different. Kartik and Naira dance on Prem leela….. Kirti holds Naksh’s hand. Kartik and Naira tie everyone with the garlands. Akhilesh sees Manish and goes. Someone looks on. Suwarna says Akhilesh doesn’t feel any bonding for Kartik and Naira, I m shocked to see this. Manish gets quiet. Akhilesh gets shocked seeing the stage wooden support shaking.
Kartik burns the Raavan idol. Someone says burn as many Raavan as you can, but there is one Raavan whom you can never burn, and that’s me.

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