Episode starts with Shivaay and Anika getting intimate. The guest house security guard enters the room, Shivika hide, he locks the door, Shivika get locked in the guest house. Shivaay and Anika panic, they try to call the security guard but fail. They argue, Anika gets angry to know that Shivaay doesn't have his phone with him. In the morning Oberoi Mansion gets ready for the wedding. Dadi tells Gauri and Bhavya to get Anika ready. Sahil comes, Gauri happily greets him. All get happy. Rikara and Ruvyago to check on Shivaay and Anika. They realize that Shivaay and Anika are missing.  Shivaay and Anika wake up in each others' arms and get shocked as they are still in the guest house. Gauri - Bhavya and Omkara - Rudra make up excuses in front of Nani and Dadi. Rudra and Gauri go down to handle the situation, they hide the truth from each other. Dadi and Nani warn them to bring Shivaay and Anika. In the guest house, Anika gets furious with Shivaay for fixing unbreakable glasses in the guest house and to know that the other security guard is on holiday. Rudra tries to buy time by doing timepass with Pandit, Nani snubs him. Gauri tells Rudra to tell his and Bhavya's love story to Nani.
The flashback shows, Rudra being angry on the flat tyre, Bhavya tells Rudra that he has lost his innocence, Rudra says he has changed. Bhavya tells Rudra not to punish himself, he gets surprised to see Bhavya crying. Bhavya says he is stupid and she loves him. Rudra confesses her love to Bhavya, Rudra and Bhavya are seen getting married. Nani tells him to come back to the current time. Gauri starts telling Omkara and her story. The flashback shows Gauri and Omkara bumping into each other. Omkara says thank you to Gauri for supporting her, he calls her his best friend. Gauri says she doesn't consider him as her friend and tries to sneak away. Omkara holds her hand. Omkara asks her if she has the same feelings as his. Omkara proposes Gauri for marriage, Gauri says yes, Omkara and Gauri get married. Dadi reminds Gauri about Shivaay and Anika. Rudra tells Dadi to narrate her story, Dadi gets excited, Nani stops her. She forces Gauri and Rudra to get Shivika. Rudra and Omkara argue.

Dadi and Nani ask Rikara and Ruvya to get Shivika. Bride and Groom come hiding their faces, all get shocked as from another side one more pair of bride and groom come as Shivika

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