Tevar pleads policeman to let him go as his daughter is alone. Kulfi lands up at the police station and Tevar is happy to see her. Kulfi tells the policeman that Tevar is a nice man and he is not at fault as she went outside without telling him. Kulfi says that Tevar takes care of her just like her mother. Policeman says that Tevar has committed a crime and therefore he will have to pay Rs 5000 or stay in jail for 2 days. Sikandar lands up at police station. Policeman tells Sikandar that Tevar and Kulfi have left. Flashback shows that Kulfi tells policeman to let Tevar stay in jail as he will get food and water. Policeman asks Kulfi what she will do two days without her father. Kulfi says that the cow Billo will take care of her. Policeman asks Tevar to sell the cow for money. Tevar says that Billo is Kulfi's best friend and he cannot sell her. Tevar and Kulfi hold hands and cry. Policeman sees all this and let's Tevar out of jail. Tevar comes out of jail and hugs Kulfi. Flashback ends.
Sikandar asks policeman where they have gone but policeman says that he does not know. Sikandar thinks that Tevar must hate him because of Lovely and her father. Kulfi and Tevar walk on road and Kulfi tells Tevar that they should have waited for Sikandar as he would have come to the jail. Tevar tells Kulfi that Sikandar is a betrayer and he does not trust him anymore. Kulfi thinks that Sikandar can never do such a thing. Tevar tells Kulfi not to worry as he will pay her fees and will take care of her. Sikandar reaches school to pay the fees. Principal tells Sikandar that Kulfi has been missing after her test. Principal warns Sikandar that she will end Kulfi's admission if she does not come back in two days. Sikandar thinks where he will look for Kulfi. Tevar and Kulfi reach a place and Tevar says it is his friend's house and they will stay there till they find another accommodation. Kulfi and Tevar enter an old dilapidated house. Kulfi gets happy seeing the house. Tevar says that the house has nothing and they will not be able to stay here. Kulfi says that they will stay here happily. Kulfi and Tevar sing and dance together in the house. Some neighbors come and scold Tevar and Kulfi for creating such a ruckus. The old man warns Tevar not to sing in this building as only old people live here. The man tells Tevar to stop singing if they wants to live here.
Precap: Tevar sings a song while Kulfi works. Kulfi's hand gets injured and she screams. 

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