Kulfi and Tevar go to a grocery store and Tevar buys chips and biscuits. Kulfi asks him not to buy all this and instead she buys grains. Tevar is proud of Kulfi. Tevar tells Kulfi that he has managed to get one producer to sign him up. Kulfi takes empty egg creates from the shop for sound proofing their house so that the neighbors will not have a problem with their singing. Kulfi puts up the egg creates of door and windows while Tevar sings a song and records it. The food gets burnt while Tevar is singing. A huge smoke gets created and neighbors get the smell. Sikandar talks on the phone about tracking Tevar and Kulfi. Lovely gets water for Sikandar. Sikandar gets angry with Lovely for creating such a big fire in his life. Sikandar blames Lovely for separating him from his brother, Tevar and Kulfi eat food. Two neighbors come there and scold Kulfi and Tevar for playing music again. Tevar gets angry with them for taunting Kulfi.
Tevar worries how he will make music if neighbors keep disturbing. Sikandar tells Lovely that she never loved him and he too does not love her. Lovely is heartbroken. Tevar sings a song outside the house. Kulfi cries seeing her injured hand. Sikandar cries remembering Kulfi. A man comes and tells Tevar that he cannot sing there. Tevar returns home while Kulfi pretends to sleep. Kulfi wakes up next morning and she has pain in her hand but she hides it from Tevar. Tevar tells Kulfi that she has to meet producer for his recording. Kulfi wishes him best of luck. Kulfi thinks she will have to make friends with the old neighbors and then only will they allow Tevar to sing.
Precap: Sikandar reaches the building where Kulfi and Tevar are living and shows their pictures to neighbors. 

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