The ongoing track of Silsila is filled with a lot of drama and emotions. Kunal has finally come to know that Mishti is his daughter and is upset to know that Mauli hid such a big truth from him.

In the upcoming episode, Kunal confronts Mauli about the same and asks her why she hid the truth about their daughter.

Mauli does not pay any attention to Kunal’s talks and dismisses him. Kunal is determined to talk to Mishti, as he wants to meet his daughter and spend some time with her and give her the love that she was away from.

Mauli then makes a declaration that from now, Ishaan has the full rights on her daughter and he is her real father. She wants Kunal to suffer the way she has suffered all these years.

It will be interesting to see how Kunal regains Mauli’s confidence

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