Latest News: Mahir to ditch Bela for Juhi its traumatic time for Bela in Naagin 3
Colors most promising Supernatural melodrama Naagin 3 is up for something really eye-catching twists and turns in Mahir (Pearl V Puri) and Bela's (Surbhi Jyoti) love story.

As per the track, Bela Vishaka and Vikrant drastically defeat Vyom and rescue Juhi from his captivity.

Furthermore, Bela takes her sister Juhi to her house while Mahir is surprised to find Bela's sister as Bela never revealed him about Juhi.

Adding more drama to this supernatural series, Bela's sister Juhi is going to fall in love with Mahir.

Mahir and Belas love at stake
Where Vyom turned more revengeful against Bela there Bela's sister is going to be double trouble in Mahir and Bela's love story.
Let's see how Bela will face this upcoming traumatic time in her life.

Will Mahir ditch Bela for another girl?

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