Ishq Subhan Allah: Aisha slaps Zara for speaking ill against Kabir
In the upcoming twist of ZEE TV show Ishq Subhan Allah loyal viewers will get to witness high voltage drama.

It seems Zara (Eisha Singh) gets determined to make Kabir (Adnan Khan) stand on his leg and start earning to take care of his family and Zara.

Zara decides to stay in outhouse where Kabir asks her to pay rent if she wants to stay there.

Zara agrees but asks Kabir to earn the money too where he buys some jewelleries and gives the money.
Zara humiliates Kabir
Zara gets humiliating Kabir where Aisha gets fed up and raise hand on Zara.

Will Zara be able to get Kabir back on track?

Let’s wait and watch.

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