Sahil is at police station. He says Shivaye is my brother in law, when he learns this, he will get you all fired. He scolds the police. Shivaye and Anika come there. Sahil says now you all will bear the consequences of messing with me. Inspector says I had called you up, he was drunk driving. Sahil says they have forgotten their status, they are arresting me. Shivaye asks whose car was it. Sahil says yours. Anika says how dare you drive Shivaye’s car, whom did you ask before taking it. She slaps him. Sahil says its between Shivaye and me. Shivaye says I forgave your mistakes, you have crossed all limits today, I told you to ask me if you want anything. Anika says look at yourself, you are drunk, you should be ashamed. Sahil says sorry, I made a mistake. Shivaye says inspector keep him in lock up all night, I will come to arrange bail tomorrow.
Anika says you will be punished, you will lose all the attitude if you stay in lock up for a night. They go. Sahil apologizes. He is put in lockup. Shivaye says I don’t know if I did right or not by punishing him. Anika says you did right. He says he wasn’t like this, children make mistakes, I m pretty sure he will understand when we explain, lets go and bring him. She says no, let him be there, he can’t break laws. He stops the car and calls inspector. He says I asked you to keep Sahil in lock up tonight to make him realize mistake, make sure that he is comfortable, he is a kid, he doesn’t differentiate between right and wrong. Anika says you are my Sweet Singh Oberoi, what were you tell me about Dadi. He says we shall go home and talk.
Its morning, Dadi waters the plants. Rudra hides. Surya comes there. Om is also hiding. He sees Rudra. He signs to ask what are you doing here. Rudra says I was worried about Dadi. Om says me too. They see Shivaye and recall his words. They ask what are you doing here. Shivaye says she is my Dadi too, I was worried about her, what are you doing here. Omru say we do worry for her. Surya sings Phoolon ki rani…. Dadi says no need to go to the park. He asks what do you mean. She says I won’t come, its not right. He asks what, life has given us another chance. Water falls over Shivomru. Shivaye says the real soldier is the one who doesn’t budge ever. Rudra jokes. Dadi says you have got heartbroken once, I don’t want to do it again, I don’t want to keep you in the dark, I know you have always loved me, since I got to know about love, I have just loved my Prithvi, I have taught my grandsons that love happens only once, and with only one person.

Shivomru get up. She asks what are you three doing here. Rudra says we were finding something. Shivaye says our Dadi… They hug Dadi and smile. Surya smiles. He thanks everyone for their hospitality, love and respect. Shivaye asks Khanna to drop Surya at the airport. He says it was great to meet you. Surya hugs him and says you remind me of Prithvi, he was also similar, courageous, hard working and loved his family a lot, I have an old diary, I used to write what I couldn’t express, I have written a lot about your Dada ji, don’t worry, it contains the memories of our times and friendship, I haven’t written bitter memories, the most beautiful memories of Prithvi is this family. Anika and Gauri ask him to stay back for more days. He says no, I want to live a lot in short period of time. He says I will try in next birth, this time, I will be your groom.

Dadi laughs. Dadi says do invite Aruna, she likes to dance. Nani says if there is anything written against me in this diary, I will come to Canada and beat you. Surya says I knew this, so I haven’t written anything about you. She says good boy, take care. He says you too take care of yourself and Kalyani. Surya asks them to just say Su, not Surya. He leaves. Jai comes and asks did Surya go, I couldn’t meet him. Shivaye says he just left. Rudra asks where were you yesterday. Jai says I had a meeting, congrats. Shivaye says I told you that contract will stay in our family. Jai says I have to leave. Priyanka asks him to have something. He says no, I don’t want to eat. He goes. She says he was in a rush. Gauri asks where is Sahil. Anika sees Shivaye.
Inspector gets Shivaye’s call and asks constable to release Sahil. Sahil goes. Inspector says don’t humiliate Shivaye by doing such things. Sahil thinks Rudra used to bet illegally, Priyanka eloped to marry, Shivaye didn’t scold them, but he got me locked up in jail for my small mistake, I will never forget this insult. He comes home. Anika says you have insulted me. Sahil says sorry. Anika says Shivaye’s reputation was at stake. Shivaye says its okay, how will he learn then, I promise, Sahil is my responsibility, I will take him to office, so that he gets busy in good things. Sahil agrees. Shivaye hugs him. Sahil says sorry, I promise this won’t happen again. Anika hugs him. Shivaye asks him to go and relax in his room. Sahil thinks I will relax when I take revenge for my insult. Omru argue to do everything all alone. Gauri asks what are you going to do. Priyanka says you have to tell me too. Rudra says fine, it won’t be my responsibility now. Om says you will spoil things. Rudra says we will share the secret. He tells them the secret. They smile. Om says its my plan. They all join hands.

Shivaye holds Anika romantically. She asks what’s the reason. He says you are so lovely, close eyes. He makes her wear a bracelet. She sees the moon and smiles. She says people just talk but you have really brought a moon for me. He says I have got a fake moon to adorn the real moon. He kisses her hand. She says let me see, its so beautiful. He says its a symbol of our love, it has both moon and moonlight, like they can’t get separated, same way we can never get separated. He holds her face and says I didn’t say this to make you cry, always remember this, we will together find the light, no matter how dark it gets. She says when you talk such sweet things, then I become happier. They hug. He says Anika I love you. She says I love you more. He says no, I love you more, don’t fight. She says I love you more. He says I challenge you, one day I will prove that I love you the most, more than yourself, more than myself. Rudra comes and says you should have at least closed the door. Shivaye asks him to close his eyes. Rudra says you can’t close a small door, you had a meeting with client, come. Shivaye says I don’t want to go. Rudra says Anika can be responsible if we lose this deal. Rudra pulls Shivaye. Shivaye says I don’t want to go. Anika says go, come back soon in the evening, I have work. Shivaye gives her a flying kiss.
Someone steals Shivaye’s watch. Shivaye runs after the man. He asks a lady about the man. She asks what happened. He says that man has stolen my watch. She says I think he has gone that side. She shoots…..

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