Episode starts with Jay telling Priyanka that no one will be welcoming in the house, he tells her to just enter the house. Priyanka gets shocked as she enters Jay's house alone. Jay tells Priyanka that he will not share his bedroom with her and not to disturb him again. Shivaay calls Priyanka to check on her, she hides her pain and sorrow and tells Shivaay that she is happy and Jay is very nice. Shivaay says he will come to take her to Oberoi Mansion the next day for the Pagfera ritual. Oberoi family prepares for Priyanka's rituals. Shivaay makes an announcement that they will get a biography written of his grandfather on the occasion of his birthday. He declares the name of it and seeks everyone's help to get all the information. Shivaay asks Dadi about a close friend of Dadaji's friend, Dadi refuses to answer and walks away. Nani says they will soon come to know. Jay gets annoyed with Priyanka for making his breakfast, he says he will eat in the office. Jay informs Priyanka that he has sold the house and they will be settling in the US. Till then they will be staying at the hotel.  Priyanka says Shivaay will be coming to take her for the rituals, Jay refuses to go with her. Nani tells Shivaay about Dadaji's friend Suryakant Arora. She gives his number to Shivaay and tells him not to tell Dadi. Shivaay looks for his gold watch in his room, Anika reminds him that he had gifted it to Sahil, Shivaay gets surprised.
Anika calls Sahil and questions him, Sahil gets shocked, Shivaay understands and covers it up in front of Anika. Later, Shivaay tells Sahil that he could have asked her if he needed anything and not to repeat the mistake. Oberoi family waits for the arrival of Suryakant Arora. He enters in style, all get surprised. He tells them to call him Surya or Sue. Nani greets Suryakant. Dadi comes and gets shocked, both walk towards each other with eyes locked. Song Maar Dala plays in the background as both keep eyeing each other, Shivika, Rikara and Ruvya get shocked. They question Dadi, Nani pulls Dadi's leg. Dadi gets tea and blushes. Dadi makes Gud Ki Chaai for him, Surya feels happy. Nani covers up for Dadi. Dadi's hands shake as she offers a special variety of snack to Surya, Anika, Gauri and Bhavya get surprised. Shivaay gets a call, he asks if the papers are fine and says the Oberois should get the contract, Jay, on the other hand, says, Kotharis will get the contract. Surya pulls Dadi in a corner and holds her hand. He praises her, Dadi smiles. Surya says because of Prithvi they separated as he had asked Prithvi to propose her on his behalf, but Prithvi married her. And then he went to Canada. But he couldn't love anyone nor could get married. Surya says the destiny has given them a chance again, he asks Dadi if their story can start again. Dadi gets shocked.

Shivaay goes to get Priyanka, she says Jay had to leave for important work. Shivaay asks Priyanka if everything is fine.

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