Episode starts with Priyanka getting worried as Shivaay comes to take her back to Oberoi Mansion for Pagfera ritual. She behaves happy in front of him. Shivaay questions her Jay's behavior with her, she lies. She says Jay is out for important work, Shivaay asks her if everything is fine. Suddenly Jay comes with sweet, Shivaay greets him. Jay tells him about moving into a hotel and later to the US, Shivaay gets shocked. Shivaay tells Jay that they will stay at Oberoi Mansion and not the hotel. Surya tells everyone about Prithvi and says he had stolen very important thing of his,  Dadi coughs suddenly. Surya proposes to have a Qawwali night, all get excited. Surya tells Dadi that during Qawwali night he will confess his feelings in front of all, Dadi gets worried. Shivaay comes with Priyanka and Jay. Dadi does their Aarti. Shivaay informs everyone that Priyanka and Jay will be staying with them before moving to the US. Jay smirks and thinks it is all a part of his plan. Omkara says they did not enjoy Priyanka's wedding, it being the last wedding. Surya almost talks about his and Dadi's wedding, Dadi feels unwell, all attend to her. Nani covers up for Dadi. Khanna gives account statements to Shivaay, he gets angry to see many mistakes. Khanna reveals Sahil prepared them. Khanna reveals that Sahil demanded to give him the Oberoi account files. Shivaay scolds Khanna for giving him the accounts. Dadi gives jewelry to Priyanka.
She gets shocked to see Surya outside the window holding a rose. Dadi refuses to go to him, Anika gets suspicious, Dadi covers up and sends all away. Dadi scolds Surya, he flirts with Dadi, she gets worried and tells him to go. Surya tells her to take the rose, she takes it, Dadi gets worried as he jumps off the window, Rudra sees him and gets shocked. Surya gives an excuse to him. Shivaay scolds Sahil. Sahil apologizes to Shivaay. Shivaay tells him never to repeat the mistake and never to be rude to Khanna. Sahil gets annoyed. Shivika, Rikara and Ruvya discuss Qawwali night. Rudra tells them about Surya's jump, they all find his and Dadi's behavior weird. They go to get prepared for Qawwali night. Nani overhears them and decides to find out. Jay asks for Oberoi Mansion's Wifi password and reveals that his company is filing for the tender as Shivaay's company. They wish each other the best. Jay smirks. Dadi smiles holding the rose, Nani goes to her and instigates her to talk about Surya. Nani tells Surya's message to her to wear the rose in her hair else he will leave. Dadi gets worried. All get ready for the Qawwali night. Dadi comes wearing the rose in her hair, Surya and Nani smile. Shivika, Rikara and Ruvya get shocked. Surya says it will be girls V/s boys competition. 

Oberoi family is seen enjoying the Qawwali Night, Jay sneaks into Shivaay's room and checks his laptop. He thinks Shivaay's bad time has started

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