Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi in tears as Sattu reveals Sikandr’s fatherly truth
The interesting storyline of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is finally close to reveal the much awaited truth to Kulfi (Aakriti Sharma).

As Tevar learned about Amyra being his real daughter, Tevar faces a dilemmatic situation as he gets to know that Kulfi was aware of him not being his real father.

Sikandar bends before Tevar and stops him from disclosing the truth to Amyra.

While then only Kulfi and Tevar come to temple for prayer.

Sattu and Kulfi face off
Earlier seen that how Kulfi’s maternal Uncle arrive to Mumbai for revealing the truth to Kulfi.
Luckily Sattu and Kulfi see each other in temple and there on questioning about real father, Sattu answers Kulfi about her Sikandar Ji only being her real father.

Kulfi is stumbled knowing the truth yet she is happy.

But what will be Kulfi’s next step?

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