Kulfi’s major breakdown as Tevar elopes from the house in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala
Star Plus most promising TV Serial ‘Kulfi Kumar Bajewala’ is very close to solving the unspoken mysteries of the storyline.

As per the track, Tevar and Kulfi share cute and emotional moments together but things take troll when Tevar hears Cutie and Tony Chaddha’s conversation.

Tevar is hell shocked to know that Kulfi is not his real daughter but Amyra is his real daughter.

Tevar breaks in tears while there Amyra warns Kulfi to leave the house with her Father Tevar as because of her, her Dad and Mom are fighting.

Kulfi comes to Tevar but Tevar ignores Kulfi and goes to confront Sikandar.

Tevar and Sikandar’s major confrontation
Further coming track will see Tevar and Sikandar’s major confrontation.

Tevar will leave the house as Sikandar will accept the truth that Amyra is his daughter.

After Tevar elopes, Kulfi breaks down in tears finding him nowhere while then only Sikandar hugs Kulfi and consoles her.

Let’s wait for the biggest twist to get unfold in the storyline.

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