Sikandar screams for Lovely angrily. Chaddha asks Lovely to remain strong or else she will repent all her life. Bebe asks Mohender where is Sikandar. Mohender says that Sikandar went away and gave his promise not to stop him. Lovely confronts Sikandar and asks him why he is screaming. Sikandar tells Lovely that she does not have respect of anyone's life. Sikandar tells Lovely that she killed Nimrit. Lovely tells Sikandar it was an accident. Lovely says that she had an accident and she panicked. Sikandar asks Lovely why she did not get off her car to save Nimrit. Lovely says she panicked. Kulfi meets Amayra and ask her why she is crying. Amayra says because of her. Kulfi forbids Kulfi from entering her grandfather's house. Amayra asks Kulfi to go away from their lives.
Lovely tells Sikandar that he never gave her love that she deserved. Sikandar admits that he could never love her but he never hated her. But now he hates her and he can never forgive her. Lovely asks Sikandar to leave her and give her a divorce. Amayra and Kulfi hear this. Kulfi asks Amayra what is divorce Amayra says she does not know. 
Sikandar tells Lovely that he has always given her whatever she wanted and he will give her divorce too. Sikandar goes away and Kulfi runs after him. Lovely breaks down. Sikandar shuts himself in the room and Kulfi bangs the door but he does not open.  Sikandar thinks about Lovely and Nimrit and cries. Kulfi tells Mohender that Sikandar is upset and she need to pacify him. Mohender asks Kulfi not to worry. Kulfi asks Mohender what is divorce. Amayra looks up meaning of divorce on internet. Lovely comes there and asks Amayra what she is doing. Lovely looks at Amayra's Google search and gets emotional. Mohender asks Kulfi where she heard this word. Kulfi tells Mohender that Lovely told Sikandar that she wants divorce. Mohender gets tensed and says that she must have said this in anger. Kulfi wonders what is this word. Lovely asks Amayra why she is searching for divorce word. Amayra says that she heard her and dad saying this word. Lovely says that she said that in anger and she will never give divorce to her dad. Lovely asks Amayra not to worry and go to sleep. Lovely breaks down. Kulfi lies in bed but cannot sleep. Lovely looks at her family picture and tells Sikandar never to leave her and break their family. Lovely cries. Kulfi goes to music room and sees Sikandar sleeping. Kulfi calls Sikandar as father but gets scared. Kulfi puts blanket on Sikandar and kisses his cheek. Sikandar says Nimrit. Kulfi is shocked.
Precap: Kulfi asks her teacher what is divorce. Teacher asks her where she heard this word. Kulfi says that Lovely asked Sikandar for it and Sikandar agreed. Teacher tells another teacher that Amayra will be alone if Sikandar gives divorce to Lovely. Amayra hears this and cries. Gunjan tells Sikandar that Nimrit'a death was not an accident. 

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