Tevar asks Sikandar whether Kulfi is his daughter. Sikandar recalls Lovely's words that Tevar will take away Amayra if he comes to know that she is his daughter. Tevar asks Sikandar again if Kulfi is his daughter or not. Sikandar says no. Kulfi cries thinking that she is a bad omen. Bebe comes there and tells Kulfi not to say such things as she spreads happiness everywhere. Kulfi says that Sikandar, Lovely and Tevar are sad because of her. Kulfi says that Lovely does not like her and does not want her to stay in this house. Bebe says that she is thinking wrong. Kulfi thinks she can no longer live here. Kulfi tells Jhonny that she will go away with her father. Tevar tells Sikandar that Amayra is his daughter. Sikandar says that Amayra is his daughter as his heart beats in his chest. Tevar tells Sikandar that they all have lied to him. Sikandar says that when he came to know the truth, Kulfi had already accepted him as her father. Sikandar says that he had decided to tell the truth to the girls when they were grown up. 
Tevar is angry with Sikandar and asks him what he will tell Kulfi. Sikandar says that Kulfi already knows he is not her father. Sikandar says that Kulfi was angry but she has accepted him as her father with her heart. Tevar remembers all her past moments with Kulfi. Sikandar apologizes to Tevar and asks him not to tell Amayra anything. Sikandar says that Amayra loves him a lot and cannot live without him. Tevar goes to meet Amayra and sees her crying. Sikandar cries and is helpless. Tevar rushes to Amayra and hugs her. Amayra apologizes to Tevar as she said bad things to Kulfi. Amayra says that she was angry with Kulfi as her parents fought because of Kulfi. Amayra tells Tevar to go away from here with Kulfi. Amayra says that her father loves Kulfi a lot and she cannot see this. Amayra says that she is the only princess for her father and she is Amayra Sikandar Singh Gill. Tevar hugs Amayra and cries emotionally. Tevar says that he will make everything alright. Tevar tells Amayra that Sikandar is her father and he will do anything for her. 
Tevar goes away from Amayra's room and sees Kulfi and gets emotional. Kulfi holds Tevar's hand and takes him to her room. Kulfi tells Tevar that they will not stay here as Amayra does not want her to stay here. Tevar asks Kulfi to trust him and cheers her up. Tevar tells Kulfi that all will be fine by next morning. Kulfi hugs Tevar. Later, Tevar takes Kulfi is his arms and sings a song for her. Sikandar is with Amayra and he hears Tevar's song. Sikandar wonders if Amayra will be away from him if Tevar tells everyone the truth.
Precap: Kulfi meets her uncle Sattu in the temple and asks him who is her father. Sattu says that Sikandar is her father.

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