Sikandar thinks that if Tevar tells anyone about Amayra then his daughter will go far away from him. Kulfi wakes up next morning and finds Tevar missing. Sikandar wakes up and gets a letter from Tevar and gets shocked reading the letter. Sikandar rushes to Kulfi and tells her that Tevar has gone away and will not come back. Kulfi asks Sikandar not to joke with her. Kulfi says that Tevar had promised her to take her away and he will never break his promise. Sikandar tells Kulfi that Tevar came to know she is not his daughter. Sikandar tells Kulfi that he will bring back Tevar and rushes out of the house. Kulfi cries thinking about Tevar. Amayra comes to Kulfi and Kulfi hugs Amayra saying that her father has gone away. Amayra gets angry hearing this. Amayra tells Kulfi that she had prayed for her recovery when she was in hospital but now she wishes that she had died. Kulfi is shocked by Amayra's words. Kulfi walks away from Sikandar's house.
Kulfi cries on the road and reaches a temple. Kulfi joins the Pooja and sings in front of Goddess. Kulfi prays to Goddess to make her find her father. Sikandar returns home and Lovely asks him if he has found Tevar. Sikandar asks Lovely not to do all this drama. Lovely says that she is not doing a drama as she never wanted Tevar to leave without Kulfi. Sikandar scolds Lovely and reads out Tevar's letter. Tevar writes in the letter that he cannot give anything to his daughter and Sikandar is the rightful father for his daughter. Kulfi sees Sattu in the temple. Kulfi gets happy to see Sattu and rushes to hug him. Sikandar tells Lovely that Tevar hates him because of her. Sikandar says that he has spoken to inspector to help him find Tevar. Kulfi asks Sattu where he went away leaving her. Sattu apologies to Kulfi for not finding her earlier. Kulfi tells Sattu that she has still not found her father and she accepted Tevar as her father. Sattu asks Kulfi not to be sad as her father is close to her. Sattu says that her father had also come to Chiroli looking for her. Sikandar looks for Kulfi in the house but cannot find her. Sattu tells Kulfi that her father is Sikandar. Kulfi is shocked hearing this. Sikandar rushes out of the house to search for Kulfi.
Precap: Kulfi asks Sattu why he did not tell her about Sikandar earlier. Kulfi says that Sikandar abandoned her mother and went away. Kulfi asks Sattu whether Sikandar is a good man or a bad man. 

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