The Episode starts with Tanu and Aaliya coming to King’s house. Tanu rings the bell and then knocks on the door. Chachi opens the door and asks them why did she hit on the door and asks if they want to break the door. Tanu insults her and says this house is of Mr. King and asks her to move from her way. Chachi stops her from getting inside. Aaliya asks her to tell Abhi that they came to pick him. Tanu asks her to ask Pragya. Chachi says he is not here. Aaliya politely asks her to check once. Chachi says when I went to Pragya’s room, I saw Pragya and Kiara only. Tanu says we will see with our eyes and says I came to take Abhi and will take him. She pushes Chachi and goes inside. Tanu knocks on the door. Pragya is sleeping with Abhi and Kiara. Pragya opens the door. Tanu asks where is Abhi? Chachi says I told them, but they didn’t listen. Pragya says he is inside. Aaliya says I am disgusted by you, I didn’t believe when Tanu told me that bhai might be here. They see Abhi sleeping with Kiara. Tanu tries to wake up Abhi and tells that she won’t let him get trap by pragya. She scolds Pragya and asks her if she wants to mentally torture her and take revenge. She says she is Abhi’s wife and will take infront of her husband and family. She says I will enter your life next time and settle the scores. Pragya says she has answer to all her questions. She tells that Disha called her and told about Abhi. She tells that she left phone at home and brought him home thinking they all are outside. Tanu asks Chachi to keep an eye on Pragya and stop her for her family and their family. Chachi thinks why Tanu is upset? If she knows about their affair. Aaliya and Tanu lift Abhi and take him from there. Chachi tells Pragya that she gets insulted by that woman because of her. Pragya cries and hugs Kiara.
Chachi thinks this girl has crossed all limits and thinks she must have thought about King’s respect atleast. She thinks to call King and inform him. 
She says I have to make King believe when he comes home. He thinks tomorrow is Tarun’s sangeet and thinks King will break off the alliance hearing about Pragya’s affair. Disha is worried for Abhi. Purab comes home and tells that Abhi is not with his friends. Disha says then where is he? Purab says if he came to know about Kiara and drinking in bar. Disha says this shall not happen else he will think Di wrong. Aaliya and Tanu bring him home. Purab asks Tanu to let him take Abhi to room. Tanu says she will manage. Aaliya asks her to let him take her. Aaliya and Purab take Abhi to room. Tanu tells Disha that Abhi was in Pragya’s room. She tells scolds Disha and tells that Pragya was fooling them and then asked you about him. She blames Pragya for giving him some medicine. Disha says may be she found him after I talked to him. Tanu says Pragya wants to take revenge. Disha says Pragya can’t think of this ever. Tanu threatens Disha and tells that she won’t go far from Abhi. She asks her to ask Pragya. Purab asks Disha to end the matter. Tanu tells Aaliya that she will ask Pragya herself. Aaliya says we shall hope that bhai gets consciousness in the morning.

Chachi waits for King. King comes home and greets her. Chachi says she wants to talk to him. King says I wanted to meet my princess and thought something will happen to me if I don’t meet her. Chachi feels bad for him. King goes to pragya and king’s room and thinks I missed you both. I came to know how much I love you. Chachi thinks King loves his family a lot, but Pragya is fooling him. She comes to King and tells that she wants to tell something important. King asks her to let him see Kiara first. Chachi says the matter is very important.
Abhi gets dream of Kiara and reminisces moments with her. He wakes up from sleep taking Kiara’s name. He thinks if it was real or the dream. He thinks Kiara is my daughter and it is real. He thinks Pragya gave me the daughter of my dreams, but she didn’t tell me. I have to find out. Chachi asks King to break Tarun and Neha’s alliance. King says how can we cancel the function and says they are grown up now. Chachi says she is helpless now after what she has seen. King says I am going to freshen up. Chachi says yesterday night Abhi was in Pragya’s room. King is shocked and turns to her. She tells her that when she heard some noise coming from her room, she went there and asks Pragya. She tells that Pragya opened the room a bit and didn’t tell her anything. Tarun hears them. Chachi tells that Tanu and Aaliya know about Abhi and Pragya’s affair and came here to search him. He asks him to do something and stop this affair. King recalls Tanu asking him to keep an eye on Pragya. Chachi asks if this is right on her part to bring someone’s husband in drunkard state and make him sleep in her room. She says once Tarun and Neha get married, Pragya and Abhi will continue their affair. She says I care for my daughter and tells that if you have seen him in the bed room then what you would have felt? King asks her to stop it. Chachi says you both sleep in same room, but that doesn’t mean she shall call some other man. King gets angry and shouts Pragya’s name.

King asks Pragya what Abhi was doing in her room. Abhi tells Disha that he will talk to Pragya. Pragya decides to tell truth to King.

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