Naagin 3: Mahir slips in trauma on knowing Bela's Naagin identity Teary Separation
In the high wrenching thriller series 'Naagin 3' Mahir (Pearl V Puri) finally comes to know about Bela (Surbhi Jyoti) being Naagin.

Bela makes Juhi as new Naagrani where after the villains Vyom and Juhi leave haveli.

Bela turns naagin and saves Vish and Vikrant's life while then only Mahir makes his entry.

Mahir questions Bela
Mahir is left stumbled on seeing Bela in naagin avatar.

Though Bela doesn't wanted to reveal the truth like this, Mahir brokendown questions Bela.
Bela cries and goes speechless as she fears of losing Mahir her love afte she lost Naagmadi and naagrani position.

What will happen next?

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