Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Truth Unfolds Tevar guilty unable to face Kulfi takes lethal step
Star Plus most promising and most popular TV Serial Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is looking forward for some emotional track.

Earlier seen that how Tevar hears from Cutie and Tony Chaddha that Kulfi is not his real daughter but Amyra is his real daughter.

Tevar breaks down in tears as he feels that he betrayed Kulfi and her emotions.

Tevar confronts Sikandar and asks him as if he knew the truth and then also he lied to Kulfi.

Tevar in deep shock
Tevar gets another shocker when Sikandar reveals that Kulfi is already of the truth that he is her father.

Tevar feels guilt and is unable to face Kulfi as he played with her emotions and hurt her.

Tevar is very much disturbed and thus leaves the house while Sikandar consoles Kulfi while she searches for Tevar.

Let's see what will happen next in the show.

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