Scene 1
Deep screams and says open the door. He says who are you people what do you want? Money? Listen to me. The thug throws in food. Deep says I have to get out of here.
Arohi comes to her room and sees a shadow. She says deep.. I thought it was someone else. Deep stabs her. She wakes up. It was a dream. Arohi says why am I seeing such bad dreams. Fake deep comes there. He says was I in your dream? SHe says but it wasn’t a good dream. He says don’t worry. Anyone who worries you should be punished. He takes out gun. Arohi says what are you doing.. He says anyone who troubles you should die. Aroh says what are you doing please stop this. She says have you gone crazy? HE says true love demands test. You doubt at me so I have to show myself. Arohi stops him.

Fake deep takes Arohi on a romantic date. He says there’s a surprise. She says what is it? He says you will know. He takes out champagne bottle.
Opasna puts a gun on Tara. She says scared? When did you kill Abhi and why? Virat says why did you hide from me tara? He was in Goa. Virat comes to deep adn says you killed abhi? You hayed him and you were both in Goa.
He says I have a proof that can show that dee is behind all this. Raj (fake deep) says there is no one who can catc me.

Deep is in the dark room. HE hits the thug who come in with food. HE says open the door. Or I will kill you.
Raj comes to Tara. He says why so worried? She says in heart my deep is in your detention. He says dont worry your deep will be out once arohi is mine. Deep hits the thug and says open the door.
Precap-Raj hugs Arohi. Real deep comes there.

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