Khanna unveils the cutout. They get glad seeing Shivaansh’s big cutout. Shivaansh comes and looks at it. He asks what’s this. Khanna says maybe any distributor has sent it. Avi says film is super duber hit. Dadi says we will keep it in hall so that everyone knows about the super duber hit film. They all take a selfie. Nani says I have some work. Nandini recalls Aditi’s words. He says how is this possible that Shivaansh’s call history didn’t have Honey’s call, it means someone has deleted the log. She calls the technical team to get Shivaansh’s call history for last month. Nani comes to meet her. She gives shagun sweets. Nandini says I will attend a call and come. The man says I got the call record. Nandini asks him to check for Honey’s call. The man says yes, its there. She says fine. She says its good you have come here, I had to make your request, I want footage of Shivani’s engagement right now. Nani asks what happened.
Aditi stops Shivaansh. He asks you here, so you were missing me. She says you were saying right, I did a big mistake to mess up with you, I have no status in front of you, you can change truth into lies. She cries and says you can ruin my life, you have said this and turned it true, give me proof for my innocence so that I can save my job. He asks her to keep saying please, it looks good. She says please give me the proof. He asks which proof, are you saying about the proof of fake bribery case, you said you will bring my staged kidnapping truth out, I had to do this to get you suspended, whoever plays tricks with me, just I win always, won’t you congratulate me…. 
He holds her hand and checks the recording in her phone. He says you think I won’t understand this trick of 80s film, you have come to record my confession but couldn’t, so sorry Aditi. He deletes the audio recording and returns the phone. He asks her to go now. He goes. She plays the recording. He stops hearing this and gets shocked seeing another recorder. She walks to him and smiles. She says I think plan B wasn’t there in your 80s movies, but its there in police, I have send this charming cutout and installed a recorder behind this, you couldn’t catch this, anyway thanks for giving me my proof of innocence, now I will expose your truth. She leaves.

Aditi plays the recording and says Shivaansh has done this. Shivaansh comes shouting I will kill the commissioner. He gets two men there. Shivaansh says meet them, they do my mimicry well. He asks Raju to tell Nandini who paid him to say this in his voice. Raju says Aditi has called me and asked me to send this recording in Shivaansh’s voice. Nandini looks at Aditi and asks what’s this. Aditi says he is lying, I don’t even know him. Shivaansh says stop it please, its good, my source informed me, else you would have defamed me, there are many people to do my mimicry, Aditi is troubling, don’t know what’s her enmity with me, I have crazy fans, but Aditi is obsessed. He asks Aditi not to trouble her. Aditi says he is lying, this recording isn’t fake. Nandini asks do you have proof that its his voice, I explained you before, don’t blame any respectable man without any solid proof, its not right. She says sorry, maybe Aditi is in tension because of suspension orders. She asks Aditi to take a break, she really needs it, she won’t do any other stupidity now. Shivaansh smiles.
Aditi goes. Shivaansh stops her and says I didn’t learn losing, you said this, do you accept defeat now. Aditi says you want to get rid of me, sorry, we will meet again. He says you will meet me in your dreams, sweet dreams. He goes. Dadi and Nani are tired after dancing. Radhika, Dhruv take care of them. Shivani comes and tells about everyone talking about her engagement. Dadi talks of her times, how girls were shy. Nani says today’s generation is different, Shivani has worn bridal dress and roamed around. Shivani says it wasn’t me, even my friend didn’t wear any bridal dress. Nani says I have seen someone in a bridal dress. Dadi says we all didn’t see, just you have seen her. Khanna takes Shivaansh’s clothes and thinks Shivaansh has won this jacket in new years party, I will give this for dry cleaning too. He gets a watch and says maybe its of someone else. Dhruv calls him and asks him to hurry up. Khanna keeps watch safely. Shivaansh comes home. Nani asks where were you. He says I was at photoshoot. Radhika says she is waiting for you since long. He asks who. They see Aditi. He asks you… She says yes, its me. Nandini says I got her here. Aditi smiles. Shivaansh asks Nani why is she sad. Nani says there are many ads these days, why do we need to pay for channels. Radhika explains the cable packages. They promote the star value pack.
Nandini says Aditi will manage responsibility of Shivaansh’s protection, you will be staying in this house. Aditi says I told you Mr. Oberoi, we will have many meet-ups.

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