Bua taunts on Shivaansh who loves Radhika more than his own sister. He says both my sisters are equal to me. Dadi says Shivani will keep Angad happy. Bua gets taunting them. Shivaansh asks her not to test his patience. Bua says this alliance will be fixed when you and your entire family would apologize to me. He says if we did a mistake, I swear I would apologize, but this was not our mistake, you also know that. Bua says remember, you are choosing your cousin over your own sister, this alliance is breaking because of you. He says no, its because of your ego, if this alliance is so fragile, then we also don’t want such an alliance. Everyone gets shocked.

Dadi and Nani worry and ask Bua and Angad to stop. Angad and his family leave. Shivaansh says you have no flaw, remember this. He hugs Radhika. He calls Shivani to him and hugs her too. He asks Dhruv to take them to their room. Dadi asks Shivaansh why was he silent. He says I didn’t wish Radhika to recall that incident again, she was much in shock that time, I didn’t wish her to go through that same pain again. Nani asks how long will you stop this truth from coming out. He says I will do this as long as I m alive. He goes and plays table football in anger. FB shows little Shivaansh asking Radhika to come with him and have icecream. Dadi asks him to take Dhruv and Shivani along. He says I can’t manage them. Dadi sends Radhika with him. 
They sit in the car and have icecream. Shivaansh sees someone shooting Shivaye and shouts Papa. Radhika gets hurt by the glass piece. Doctor says Radhika has lost the vision in one of her eye, because of the glass piece damaging the retina. Nani and Dadi cry. Shivaansh apologizes to Radhika for her state. FB ends.
Shivaansh sees Radhika and Shivani crying and apologizing to each other. They hug. Dhruv asks what shall we do now. Shivaansh goes ahead and overhears Dadi and Nani’s conversation. Nani says Shivaansh will make everything fine, like Shivaye used to solve any problem. He comes to them and asks Dadi to recall what she used to say, whatever Lord does may not ensure their happiness, but it ensures their well being. Dadi says I m worried for Shivani. He says she knows what is right and wrong, she understands that the relations formed on conditions are always weak, the people who insulted my sister, how can I get my other sister married in their house. Dadi says bride’s family has to bow down. He says you bow down in slavery, not in relations, relations is always in equal people, until I m alive, I won’t let anything wrong happen to my sisters. He leaves.
Aditi asks him to stop. She says its commissioner’s orders, you can’t go anywhere alone, I will come along, its my duty. He says I will be going alone. They argue. He leaves in the car. He says this man is so irritating, how will I protect him if he doesn’t let me come along. She gets Nandini’s message. She checks the video and asks who is this person in bridal attire, is she the one who has attacked Shivaansh, I have to find this bride first. Shivaansh meets Angad and says whatever happened, you know it, I want to know your wish. Angad says sorry, I know whatever happened was wrong. Bua ji overreacted, but I can’t go against my family. Shivaansh says I just want to know your feelings for Shivani. Angad says I love her. Shivaansh says fine then, do something for me.

Aditi goes to some room and says that bride had come here according to video footage. She checks the makeup and prop room. The girl in bridal dress is still there. She hides behind the mask. Sharda comes and asks you here. Aditi asks about the room. Sharda says its Shivani’s room, she likes to do theatre, so she keeps all her stuff here. Aditi leaves.
Bua says I had to come here for Angad’s sake, finally you admit that you made a mistake by hiding Radhika’s flaw, if Shivaansh apologizes to me, I can consider this alliance again.

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