Mannat sees Nani and hides. She says they have surrounded me, how shall I hide. She gets under the food trolley and drops her bag. Khanna comes to kitchen and takes Shivaansh’s breakfast. Mannat thinks where am I going. Shivaansh says I have read the script, its very good, I will call after breakfast. Khanna says your breakfast is here, we will get CCTV footage till evening. Shivaansh says great. He drinks the beetroot juice. She sneezes. He hears some sound. The trolley moves. He asks who is it, is anyone there, is it a rat. He hears her sneezing and asks her to come out. She slides away the curtain and comes out. He looks at her. She stands closing her eyes. He asks hello, who are you. She gets tensed when he shouts and opens her eyes. She thinks OMG, he is Shivaansh, this can’t happen. Tere naam….plays….

She gets smiling and staring at him. He says hello, who are you, look. She falls in his arms. The guy roams around in the house. Nani asks did you see Mannat. Radhika says no. Nani asks Shivani about her. They all see Shivaansh getting Mannat, lifting in arms. Shivaansh puts Mannat on the sofa. He asks do you know her. Nani says I kept her in Sharda’s place. He asks is she head of staff, what was she doing inside food trolley. He sprinkles water on Mannat’s face. She gets up and sees him. The guy gets leaving. The watch alarm rings. Everyone hears the sound. Shivaansh asks Khanna to go and check. The guy tries to stop the alarm. Khanna gets the bag in which the guy puts the watch. Shivaansh asks Mannat what was she doing in food trolley, was she spying. Nani says you are mistaken. Shivaansh says we have to careful.
Khanna says sound is coming from this bag. Shivaansh asks whose bag is this. Mannat says its mine. Mannat adds salt to the chocolate and sits eating. She says when I have stress, I add salt to chocolate, and eat it. Khanna says I doubt on her seeing the things, check her bag. Nani says you think she is a thief. Shivaansh says no need, call agency and get another replacement. Nani says I have got her, she isn’t from agency, I met her yesterday. He says you got a stranger home, how, what. Khanna says check her bag. Shivaansh says right. Khanna checks the bag. He gets many things out of the bag. He gives flowers to Shivaansh. He gets a photo mug with Shivaansh’s pic. They smile. Khanna says you look good in this. A butterfly flies out of the bag. They all see it and look at Mannat. Khanna gets the watch. He says I have given this to you and then kept it in room, what is it doing here. Shivaansh asks is this yours. She signs no. He asks what is it doing in your bag. She says I don’t know. He says you have stolen it.

Mannat defends herself and cries. He says you think this is a joke, you have put this watch in your bag. He asks Nani to see what happened. He asks Khanna to call police. Mannat says no, I didn’t do anything. Nani stops them and says I trust this girl, she didn’t steal anything, she returned me jewellery bag worth crores, she is sincere. She didn’t steal that jewellery, why will she steal this cheap watch, she is honest, I didn’t see such a girl. Shivaansh says you are innocent. He scolds Mannat. He asks whose watch is it, its not mine. They say its not ours. The guy says its mine, and looks from far. Nani asks why are you creating the issue, you made Mannat cry, find the person who owns this watch, enough now. She asks Mannat to come with her. She says Varun is going to come, Radhika get ready. Mannat sees Shivaansh.
Shivaansh asks how did this come here. Khanna says it was in your jacket. Shivaansh says Honey got murdered on the day of new years, call the hotel and find out if someone lost the watch. Khanna says but Mannat had stolen this and Nani has kept her. He says Nani is innocent, I will handle that girl, Varun is coming, I will go. Khanna calls the hotel to find out. The guy takes the watch and says thank God Shivaansh didn’t check the contents of this watch, I have to delete the videos first. He gets shocked seeing no chip and recalls. He says maybe the chip fell in that girl’s bag, I want that chip at any cost. Chachi calls Mannat and says do something of this sick Munni. Mannat says take her to hospital, I can’t leave from here, its my first day at job. Chachi asks her to arrange money. The guy comes here to take her bag. Mannat cries and thinks how to get money for Munni’s treatment.
Mannat sees the money on the bed and picks the bundles.

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