Ishq Subhan Allah: Kabir (Adnan Khan) revolts against Shahbaz's (Vinay Jain) decision, Elina's nikaah risk 
The upcoming episode of Zee TV's popular daily soap Ishq Subhan Allah is up for high voltage drama.

Zara and Kabir loves each other and it is their love which is making them surpass all troubles.

Here Kabir gets major shock as Kashan has brought Sameer's alliance for Elina and thus bursts at Sameer.

Kabir raises hand over Sameer and warns him to not even think about his sister as he is not upto her standard.
Kabir against Shahbaz
While Kashan bursts at Kabir and asks him to stay out of this matter as Shahbaz had taken this decision.

Kabir is shocked and talks to Shahbaz who is helpless as he had been blackmailed by evil Kashan.

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