The Episode starts with Prerna looking for an auto rickshaw. Anurag comes and says I will drop you. She says its okay. He asks did you try to think what I want. She asks what do you want. He says I want… I will get car from parking lot. She smiles. He asks why are you smiling. She says go and do what you want, I will do what I want. He asks her to choose one finger. She asks why. He says don’t ask, you chose this finger, now I have to drop you home. He goes smiling. She doesn’t hire any rickshaw and waits for Anurag. He gets the car. She gets in. They leave. She asks what if I chose the other finger. He says then you would have been coming with me to parking by walk. She says its cheating. He says I can do this for your company.

He thinks what’s this, what is happening to me. She thinks you are so sweet, maybe you have cleaned that lipstick mark. He thinks I thought to keep that lipstick mark safe and then this delay. He plays music. Zara zara touch me…plays… She says strange song, what’s your fav song. He says the one which some people sing under rains. She recalls singing Ajeeb dastaan…. She says no way, that’s my fav too, but why that one. He says the way you had sung it nicely, so it has become my fav. They sing together. Mishka says Anurag why did you accept our relation when you didn’t feel anything for me, did Anurag accept this or not, is Mohini helping me to break Prerna and Anurag’s relation. She sees Nivedita. Anurag recalls Moloy’s words. He thinks what shall I do, she will find me mad, its nothing new, she finds me mad. She asks do you want to say something.
He says yes, Prerna I have to make a confession. She asks what confession. He says I want to confess that I…. Someone throws a stick at his car. They see the riots. She asks what is happening. He says who are these people, hold on. She asks where are you going, get in the car. Anurag asks the guy what’s happening. The reporter says I had come to cover rally, both the parties’ men are fighting, just leave, you have a lady with you. Anurag asks shall I drop you. The men surround the car and ask them to come out. Anurag says relax…… He drives away. Mishka comes to Nivedita. Nivedita asks where did you meet Anurag for the first time. Mishka says we met in a flight. Nivedita says its a good place, better than a hotel. Mishka says I had to ask you something, its really bothering me, does Anurag like some other girl. Nivedita says no, he isn’t dating anyone. Mishka asks what’s this relation with Prerna. Nivedita says she is just a servant. Mishka says I made video call to Anurag and saw Prerna in his cabin. Nivedita says I forgot to tell you, Prerna is Moloy’s PA, don’t be possessive. Mishka says Anurag’s shirt had lipstick mark. Nivedita says this can’t happen. She goes to attend a call. Anurag sees the men scaring people for votes. The man scolds Anurag. Anurag says I will publish this as well. Prerna asks how can you get vote forcibly, you have to win hearts.

She says I will explain them, they have gone mad, we are educated. Anurag says they are not in senses, I m not scared, keeping you safe in my priority. The men ignite fire. Prerna says lets go. Anurag says no, we shall explain them, go, they are throwing stones, go and talk to them, they are sensible men. She says your phone is ringing. He gets hit by a stone and protects her. She asks are you okay, we should run. The man calls minister and asks him to pay compensation to injured people and get votes, you will save people and get credit, our party men is in disguise of other party to prove them wrong, this time you will win. Chobey says sure and smiles.
Mishka asks why is Anurag ignoring my phone. Anurag and Prerna hide and run. She asks why did we stop here. He asks shall we have coffee. She asks do you want to joke. He says I have become like you and talking stupid things like you. She says your phone is ringing. He says I have kept it on silent mode. Mishka asks why are you hurting me Anurag, what’s going on between you and Prerna. Anurag asks do you know what you were doing, what’s the logic, we have to leave, come with me. Mohini comes to room and sees decorations. Moloy closes her eyes. She says Moloy… He asks how did you guess. She says just you can do this in your room. He says I love your appreciation, what’s this, you should have praised this, you are acting as if I did any crime. She switches on lights. He compliments her. She smiles.

He asks her to keep smiling. She asks what’s going on. He says you don’t care, I talk about your beauty day and night, I did all this as special day is beginning tomorrow, you had agreed for marriage on this day. She says we are not kids. He says yes, we are grown ups and we need this romance, you are special to me. She says you really love me. He says yes. She says I thought you will be upset with me. He asks why. She says thanks. He asks just thanks and gets close. Nivedita comes and says sorry. Mohini says its fine. Moloy says we are married and that’s why we had three children. He goes to take a call. Mohini asks what’s the matter. Nivedita says its about Anurag, Mishka was asking me if Anurag is dating someone, she is worried about Prerna. Anurag and Prerna hear people coming and hide. Prerna looks at him and thinks I m not afraid until you are with me, I wish this moment stops here, I don’t want anything else.
Anurag and Prerna run. A man gets shot. Prerna says if anything happened to you, I would have died. Komolika gets attacked. Anurag saves her. She stares at him. Anurag and Prerna get blessings. Komolika says that guy is someone of my league.

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