The Episode starts with Anurag dropping Komolika down and clearing her misunderstanding. He calls her self obsessed and goes. She says he is interesting, he has something special in him, he made me fall and didn’t fall in love with me, I m Komolika, people are smitten by me, but this guy didn’t get smitten by my magic, Prerna’s ex- lover, is this Prerna the same girl, I need to find out. She asks Anurag’s name. He says Anurag Basu. She recalls Mishka’s words. Mohini worries for Anurag. She asks Nivedita and Mishka not to create things that don’t exist. She says I will go and get Anurag. They leave. Mohini asks Nivedita to be careful. Komolika calls Mishka. Mishka doesn’t answer. She gets a call again and answers. Komolika asks her about Prerna. She confirms about Prerna. Mishka says yes. Komolika describes Anurag also. Mishka says yes, why are you asking me. Komolika says nothing, I will see you at home.
She sees Prerna and Anurag. She leaves and thinks of Anurag. She says Prerna is creating problems in Ronit and Mishka’s lives, if I get involved in Mishka’s problem, I will make Prerna’s life hell. Anurag says I spoke to mum, she is sending driver, its too late. He asks what’s wrong. Prerna says no, I was scared when you took so long to come back. He finds her hurt. He rushes and gets water. He cares for her wound. 
He applies the lep to her wound. She smiles. He asks her not to laugh. He asks are you okay now. She says yes. They get talking. Mohini comes there with Nivedita and Mishka. Mohini hugs him and asks how did you get hurt. He says its just a scratch. She says I had to come, since Moloy and Anupam were not at home. Nivedita says we had no choice. Mishka says you are so badly hurt. They take Anurag. Prerna thinks who am I to him, nothing, he is with his family. He stops and goes to Prerna. Mohini says Prerna’s safety is our responsibility. Nivedita says I know you are still denying it. Anurag asks Prerna to come. She asks did you come back for me. He says yes, I have promised to be on your side always, I m standing in temple, I won’t lie. They smile. He holds her hand and takes her.

Veena asks Shivani about Prerna. Shivani says she is with Anurag. She wishes that Anurag and Prerna come together, Anurag understands Prerna. Anurag and everyone are on the way. Mohini gets Moloy’s call and tells everything. Anurag sees Prerna and smiles. Mishka sees this. Anurag drives to Prerna’s house. He stops the car and goes to open the door for her. She thanks him. Anurag and Prerna have a moment. Pal ek pal….plays…. they have an eyelock. Mohini looks on. Nivedita says we are getting late, come. Prerna says goodnight and goes. Anurag sees her. Mohini asks shall we leave. He says yes, and drives off. Prerna comes home. Shivani hugs her. Veena asks why did you get so late. Prerna hugs her and says I was missing you. Veena asks her not to come late every day. Shivani goes to Prerna and asks what’s the matter. Prerna recalls Komolika’s words. Nivedita comes to Mohini. She says even I love Anurag, thank God he didn’t realize that he is in love with Prerna, that day isn’t far. Mohini says shut up. Nivedita asks don’t you want to see things or are you genuinely blind. Mohini slaps her.
Mohini says if I believe this, what shall we do. Nivedita says we should get Anurag and Mishka married. Mohini announces Anurag and Mishka’s engagement. Anurag asks Prerna not to leave him alone. She goes.

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