The Episode starts with Prerna seeing Anurag’s pic and recalling him. FB shows Prerna joking on Anurag’s heavy books. He says I thought you are not interested in me. She says I will never have a liking for you. He asks why, I m not so bad. She says there are many reasons for it. He says just name one reason. She says you are boring, you don’t exude that feeling. He asks what feeling. She asks how do I explain. He holds her hand. Tujhe yaad kar liya hai….plays… He asks this feeling, when a boy and girl come close and hold hands. She says exactly, I don’t get this feeling. He holds her and asks is it there now. She says no. He asks now. He says the feeling that a hero of love story brings out. He gets close to her and asks now? She says no. He asks did you say yes. She says yes, no. He laughs and says yes, so Ms. Prerna Sharma, you got affected by my closeness, accept it, I can see it, so I m not so boring as you think, else you are a dumb girl, never say this again. FB ends.
Prerna says you were right, I m a dumb girl, I used to think you are boring, but everything changed, you became a hero for me, the person with whom I want to spend my life, I m incomplete without you. Mishka comes and asks why are you talking to his pic. Mishka recalls Nivedita’s words. Ronit waits for Komolika. He gets shocked seeing Shivani. She cries seeing him. She slaps him and says do you know what happened with me, you had promised me that you will never leave me, you will always love me, you had told me that you will marry me, you broke my trust, your sister is calling me wrong, she called me characterless. She cries and asks have I ever forced myself on you, do you think I m among those cheap girls, I never asked you anything, why did you crush me like a toy.
She says I feel ashamed for having loved a person like you, I have hurt my family because of you, how will the family live without me, I ended up hurting them for your sake, you are the biggest mistake of my life. Mishka asks what were you talking to Anurag’s pic, what did you mean. Prerna makes excuses and says he is my boss, I can’t lose my job, I was checking if everything is fine, I can’t tell anything, I was complaining, not talking to him. She thinks I have neither made such a crap story in my life, she will understand that I m in love with Anurag. Mishka says you are right, Anurag is not such a bad boss, don’t worry. Mishka sweetly talks to her. She says I need your help to get to know Anurag better, I feel some distance, lets start with college, does he have any GF, I know you are his good friend, he told me about you, he may like to spend time with some girl, do you know someone. Prerna says I m getting late, so sorry, I have to leave.
Mishka asks how didn’t you feel for him until now. Prerna says we used to finish talks in few sentences, our relation took a new turn when my marriage was fixed with Navin, we became friends, when Anurag tried to save me from that wedding, he stopped that wedding, he risked his life. Mishka asks what do you mean. Prerna says its Anurag’s call. He asks her to get file to office soon, its urgent. She says so sorry, I need to leave. She goes. Mishka asks what’s there in their friendship, I will have to find out, something was there or is there anything still. Shivani says you are a disgusting name. Ronit stops her and hugs. He says I love you, sorry, try to listen to me, I apologize to put you in big troubles. She cries.

Prerna comes to office. Suman looks for Shivani. Shekhar asks her not to say anything about Shivani. He scolds her. She says I do care for this family. She speaks against Prerna and Shivani. He defends his sisters. She asks him to better be watchful, else they may end up doing another mistake unknowingly. She goes. Prerna sees Anurag and smiles. Pal ek pal….plays…. The girls also stare at him. Anurag calls Prerna in. She signs she will come later. She thinks of Mishka’s words. She smiles.
Moloy says if that girl agrees, then understand that she is also in love. Anurag asks what. He goes to Prerna and says if I tell you something, you may get angry and upset,

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