The upcoming episode of Star Plus serial Kulfi Kumar Baajewala will bring in more drama in lives of Sikandar (Mohit Malik), Nimrat, Lovely (Anjali Anand) and Kulfi. Sikandar aims to win Kulfi’s forgiveness. He isn’t able to conclude to her that he loves her dearly. Sikandar is much upset over Lovely’s madness. Lovely learns how the family is conspiring against her, and wants Nimrat in Sikandar’s life. She reaches Sikandar’s house to throw out Nimrat. Sikandar and his family oppose Lovely once again. Sikandar wants Lovely out, since she has called off their marriage once again. He reminds her how she left in her ego again. 

Kulfi Kumar Baajewala: Kulfi runs to Sikandar's rescue
He doesn’t want Nimrat to leave, since Nimrat has become a caring figure for Kulfi. He wants Kulfi to stay with Nimrat. Lovely gives an ultimatum to Sikandar once again. She wants Kulfi and Nimrat out of the house, since she hates both of them. 
Sikandar realizes the threat on Kulfi and family because of Lovely. He gets too upset. He falls down on the treadmill due to a blackout by stress. Sikandar gets hurt. Kulfi runs to his rescue. What will happen next? Stay tuned in for more updates, upcoming twists, future stories and spoilers on Kulfi Kumar Baajewala.

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