Gunjan tells about girls new year party plan to Tony, gunjan shows the chits to Tony. Girls discuss about the romantic movies they saw, Kulfi blushes while talking about it, Amyra finds she feels awkward saying I love you, and keeps forcing her, Amyra and kulfi spend fun time with eachother. Tony says I will never let Lovely go in that house and will cancel this party. Gunjan says don’t we will reveal these girls plan in the party. Gunjan sees girls dancing in the hall and says because of lovely I was in wheel chair and away from my husband and I will do same to her.
Kulfi loves the arrangements, and says when loves and Sikander say I love you to eachother will be so romantic, let me go check Sikander, Kulfi sees bowl in the house and says it’s the same bowl how is it here let me

talk to amyra, Kulfi contacts amyra, and asks why did she get bowl in the house, amyra says it’s on the hall, Kulfi says no it’s in the house , amyra says oh no this means some one learnt about our plan now go get the bowl or else mom will kill me. Kulfi runs out to get the bowl and finds it missing.sikander asks kulfi what she is finding, Kulfi diverts him and says you looking so handsome, Sikander says you looking very pretty, just like a princess.
Mohendar asks Sikander what menu is this what dishes are these, Sikander leaves, Kulfi says I have to inform Amyra. Gunjan hides the bowl under decoration. Amyra and kulfi tensed about the bowl, Kulfi sees lovely and says look she is so happy, means she has no idea, you find the bowl, Mayra says okay you keep guests busy, I will find the bowl, Kulfi asks how will I distract everyone, amyra says do anything,Kulfi says okay.sikander Walks to lovely, Gunjan sees them,Mohendar sees gunjan not happy seeing them together and gives her sweets to distract her.
Kulfi plays the music and begins dancing p, Amyra starts looking for bowl, Kulfi engages every in dancing, Kulfi sees Sikander walking towards Amyras she stops him and takes him to dance along with him, gunjan sees Amyra, walking towards her, Kulfi stops her. Kulfi asks lovely and Sikander to dance together, amyra finds the bowl and signs kulfi. Amyra hiding bowl sees tony and cutie walk in and hides, tony says continue the celebration and starts dancing all confused, amyra goes and tears all the chits, and throws in dustbin and pours water over it,amyra walks to kulfi.

Tony says lovely I came here to drop cutie because she was missing you and amyra I shall leave now, Bebe and Mohendar request him to stay, Mohendar ask him to stay for sake of Amyra, Sikander asks him to stay too,gunjan signs, tony says okay, Mohendar says play the music and begin dancing and enjoying. Sikander compliments lovely, lovely says you never said before, Sikander says I said many times but through my poems and you, Lovely says never understood, amyra says kulfi I guess things are working, Kulfi says yes they are.
Pre cap : Gunjan says kulfi there’s call for you, Kulfi thinks she is talking to Santa, and thanks him, gunjan plays her video live in audience.

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