The Episode starts with King and Abhi arguing. King says I will not fall to your level. Abhi says you have to rise up to reach my level which you couldn’t. He says girl’s family always stand with their head high. King says we are groom’s family. Tanu asks Nikhil to go and do the work. Nikhil says I can kill Pragya now, but there are many people there, I may get caught. He says he will change his plan and goes. Aaliya asks Tanu what is happening. Tanu says both sides are arguing. Pragya asks Abhi to keep quiet and says someone has to become quiet. Abhi says if she will lecture being a teacher. She says she wants them to be quiet. King asks if he is threatening them. Disha says she will call Police and tell that they are demanding dowry. Pragya says if you call Police then I will tell that you want to give us dowry forcibly. Sumitra and Mitali get tensed and tell that they were not fighting. Abhi and King tell that even they were not fighting, but acting. Pragya and Disha tell that they were acting too. She tells that everyone from each other side will hug now. Abhi says whoever gets whom, shall hug. Mitali and Sumitra hug. King hugs Raj. Abhi hugs Pragya tightly. Purab hugs Disha. King says it is enough of hugs and asks Tarun if everyone is ready with the game. Tarun says yes. Nikhil calls his goon and tells that he needs him. He asks him to come there and says Abhi is having my precious safe keeping. Abhi walks to him and asks if he is partying alone. Nikhil drops his phone and gets tensed. Abhi doesn’t see his pic. Tanu’s call rings.
Abhi doesn’t see her pic either. Abhi asks Nikhil if he saw him somewhere. Tanu thinks why Nikhil is not picking my call. Abhi tells King that he acted good and shall be an actor. King thinks of abhi hugging Pragya and tells that he is forgetting something. He says you was very close to Pragya in the party and says she is not your wife. Abhi says even not yours…King asks what? Abhi is about to repeat it, when Pragya comes there. King tells her that their promise is his promise, and they will get Neha and Tarun married. Abhi says my life and says they will enjoy the function and will play King v/s Abhi. King says I never lose. Abhi says lets see. Pragya thinks there is a tension between Purab and Disha. Aaliya comes to Purab and says Disha and you have tension because of me. Purab says we never had any tension. Aaliya says I heard your conversation by chance and says sorry. Abhi tells that there will be two teams, team Abhi and team King. He says they will mix the players as King has less relatives here. He asks them to take the chits. He explains the game.

Purab picks a chit and says I am in Abhi’s team. Disha picks King’s team chit. Aaliya picks Abhi’s team chit and thanks God for saving her. Mitali and Sumitra get King and Abhi’s chit. They drop it and pick team of their choice. Tanu comes and says Abhi….Pragya comes and says Mr. Singh. King smiles. Abhi gets upset, but he gives speech to motivate his team. Sumitra asks King to motivate his speech as well. King says we will win this game and motivates his team. Abhi says lets win. Bahadur brings keys. Abhi asks him to say lets start. Abhi says Purab will go first. King asks Disha to go to defeat purab. Disha smartly picks the key and runs to her team. She calls him loser. Purab says game is still going. Neha goes next. Abhi sends Tarun to play and asks him to show husband is husband. Tarun asks when did she say that husband is not husband. Abhi asks him to play.
Neha wins. Mitali tells Abhi that Tarun made them lose intentionally and made his brother team win. Abhi sends Aaliya next. King asks Dadi if she will go to play with Aaliya. Dadi says she is a cheater since childhood. Disha asks King to go.

Nikhil’s man switches off lights. Nikhil comes towards Pragya and stabs her. Pragya holds her stomach shockingly.

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