Lovely confronts Sikandar in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala
Star Plus most popular TV serial Kulfi Kumar bajewala is witnessing major confrontation between Sikandar and Lovely.

So far we have seen that how Amyra and Kulfi plan and plot to unite Sikander and Lovely,  but Gunjan exposes their friendship makes Sikandar and Lovely realise that it was all Amyra and Kulfi's plan, there was nothing A Miracle of destiny.

Therefore Lovely wrecks off her anger on Sikander and asks him to choose either Amyra or Kulfi while she also gives him the ultimatum of 30 days.

Sikandar in big dilemma 
Sikandar is fighting with his big dilemma,  
While Kulfi and Amyra are excited to know that Sikandar and lovely are giving second chance to their marriage. 

What will happen next in the show.?

Will Sikandar's abandon Kulfi for Lovely and Amyra?

Stay tuned for further updates and latest gossip.

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