After announcing Bela dead, Sumitra plays her next move against Mahir and Sehgal Family in Naagin 3
Colors most impressive supernatural saga Naagin 3 will show ahead interesting entries in the storyline.

It is going to be blast of twists and turns in Naagin 3 where a new Naagin, Rohini (Mreenal Deshraj) is coming ith her family.

Therefore, Sumitra targets a super-rich girl Shivli and wants to get Mahir married to her so that she can take advantage of her money and status.

Bela's blasting return
Nevertheless, Mahir's ladylove Bela will be returning back to save her love from evil Sumitra and Yuvi.
Where Mahir has lost his mind and slipped in trauma with Bela's death, 

It will be super exciting to watch how Mahir and Bela will complete their half left love story.

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