The upcoming episode will show that Bela (Surbhi Jyoti) smartly flops Sumitra and her sister Rohini's deadly conspiracy that they plotted against Mahir.

Therefore, a new girl (Sangeet Chauhan) who is secret Lady Detective turns to help Bela.

Bela thus makes her blasting entry in the Sehgal house while Mahir and Shivli are about to get married.

Bela's bride swap plan in action

Bela has determined to not let Sumitra and her evil gang win this time,

While the marriage rituals complete, the lady detective brings Mahir's bride for ther Muh-dikhayi ritual.
And there the ground slips under Sumitra's feet when she finds that the real bride is Bela, whom she and Yuvi killed with their own hands.

It will be super exciting to watch upcoming high voltage drama in Naagin 

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