The ongoing track of KumKum Bhagya is filled with a lot of drama as King is suspecting that there is a past connection between Abhi and Pragya.

 Abhi is trying all his efforts to come close to Pragya and to get his lady love back. King will notice that Abhi is getting close to Pragya and will warn, but he won’t listen to him

Tanu will get upset, angry and jealous of Pragya, and she will now plan to kill her with the help of Nikhil.

In the upcoming episode, Nikhil will dress up like a waiter and will come to the party. He will stab Pragya. Abhi will be shocked to witness this.
Abhi will rush Pragya to the hospital and will write his name on the form and Pragya’s husband and King will be shocked to see this.

 It will be interesting to see if Abhi will be able to save Pragya or not and what will be King’s reaction after knowing the truth.

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