Shivaansh misunderstands Aditi after Shivani's engagement breaks in Ishqbaaz
The leading TV Show of Star Plus Ishqbaaz is witnessing a lot of ups and downs in Aditi's (Manjiri Pupala) life.

Where Aditi is struggling hard to manage her family expenses and live a peaceful life,

Here comes Shivaansh (Nakuul Mehta) opens revenge fight against her and gives open warning that he will ruin her.

Aditi in big mess
Shivaansh never thought that Aditi will break his kidnapping scandal in Media.

Where the news got exposed in Media, Shivaansh's sister Shivani's engagement ceremony and her marriage alliance got broken up.

However, Aditi is innocent and she didn't exposed the news in Media, Shivaansh stands Aditi responsible for ruining his sister Shivani's happiness,
Will Aditi be able to prove her innocense?

Or Shivaansh hatred and revenge will ruin Aditi?

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