Ishqbaaz: Shivaansh's drastic attempt to punish Aditi for ruining Shivani's happiness
In the daily TV Show Ishqbaaz, we all are witnessing Shivaansh's soft corner for Aditi turning into revengeful hate.

Shivaansh misunderstands Aditi's hand behind exposing his fake kidnapping scandal in Media.

Shivaansh gets threatening Aditi for ruining his sister Shivani's happiness while Shivaansh determines to settle scores with her.

Shivaansh humiliates Aditi 
Therefore, Shivaansh asks Aditi to apologize to him before Media or she will have suffer his humiliation.

While Aditi is innocent, she also stays stubborn to not bend before Shivaansh when she is not responsible for anything.
Shivaansh confronts Aditi before Media and gets humiliating her drastically before Media.

Will Aditi bend before Shivaansh?

Or Aditi will fight back Shivaansh?

Let's wait and watch to see the real culprit behind exposing Shivaansh.

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