Ishqbaaz: Shocking Shivaansh's big fat scandal ruins his sister's marriage alliance
The upcoming episode of Ishqbaaz will show Radhika's Engagement Ceremony.

As per the track, Shivaansh's sister returns from foreign and now her engagement ceremony is announced.

A big shock to everyone, Radhika's to be husband refuses to marry Radhika after Shivaansh's kidnapping scandal gets exposed that how Shivaansh did his own kidnapping to get publicity.

Shivaansh major breakdown
Shivaansh is hell shocked to get this news while Radhika is shattered.

The family faces a big shock, therefore, Shivaansh asks his PA to stop this news but before they could take any action, Radhika's engagement got broken.
Meanwhile, Dadi also faints unconscious hearing this news,

Let's see how Shivaansh will bring back the happiness in his sister's life whose happiness got snatched because of him only.

Stay tuned for more upcoming updates and latest news.

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