Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar to die, Mohit Malik's character to exit show 
The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is up for high voltage drama.

Kulfi is shattered as she sees Sikandar in operation theatre fighting for life and death.

Sikandar had felt self hate after the train incident and knows that Kulfi's anger is justified.

Sikandar is all broken thinking this and thus comes to a conclusion that he is guilty.

Mohit Malik's character exits the show
Sikandar thus suffers heart attack, while the latest buzz here is that Sikandar will be declared death by the doctors.
If rumors are to be believed Mohit Malik's character is going to mark exit and it's end of Sikandar from the show.

Let's keep the fingers crossed that this may not happen as audiences love to see Sikandar and Kulfi's jodi.

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