Ishaan stops his car thinking it seems there was an accident. It was Mauli surrounded by the crowd. She cries hugging Ishaan. He consoles Mauli, shares his jacket and drives Mauli with him.
Kunal says he is proud of Pari for helping him. Pari says she can’t see him or Mishti sad, she told Mishti everything. Mishti cries that she is aware her Mama must be crying. Kunal hugs Mishti and says Mishti is brave because her Mama is brave and pass every test in flying colors. They planned everything because Mauli must be with Ishaan. He then sends the girls to sleep.
Ishaan feels disgusted over Kunal. Mauli says she is fine as the house belongs to Kunal. She is only sad for Mamma, Dida and specially Mishti. She sobs badly that she wants her family. She was distressed that even Mishti denied accompanying her. Ishaan gives her a glass of water and says Mamma and Dida must surely be bound because of something. Ishaan was curt over Kunal for playing a false game in quest of his help, he parted Mauli and Mishti.
Kunal comes to girl’s room. He sits besides Mishti and silently apologizes for separating her from her mother. He promises to fix everything soon. He turns to leave where Radhika caress him, being proud of him. He asks her to go for sleep, he is in the hall yet.
The next morning, Kunal wonders where Mauli must be, if he should call Ishaan. He rejects the idea else Ishaan would know his plan. There was a door bell, it was Ishaan who punches straight over Kunal’s face. Ishaan grabs his collar and shouts how dare he threw Mauli outside the house so late at night. He parted her from Mishti. She doesn’t want his property at all, she still cares for Mamma and Dida. Kunal questions if he held him at gun point? Ishaan must remember he needed him then, he stops another punch and warns Ishaan not to raise his hand for another time. He wasn’t ready to hear another word from Ishaan at his own place. Ishaan leaves by warning that he and Mauli will take Mishti along. Kunal slaps the door over his face. Mamma and Mahek hurry to clean Ishaan’s bleeding nose.
Radhika says at least he could have told Ishaan. Kunal says they both must share some tensions to come closer. Mahek taunts that Kunal must hire a room in his own hospital, he can get beaten up and then dressing regularly. Kunal jokes that in the hospital he won’t get the love of his mother and best friend; he is even ready to be beaten up ten times for this care. He says he was upset till Ishaan had come over, but now everything is according to his plan.
Ishaan opens the curtains of Mauli’s room. Mauli sits up in the bed. Ishaan says he doesn’t know what to say to her to lighten her mood. Her weak jokes or bad poetry might not even help. He presents her breakfast tray and requests her to eat something. Mauli says she isn’t hungry at all. Mauli turns to leave.
On the breakfast table, Pari happily complements the breakfast. She says Mahek also cooks the same way. Mishti was sad. Kunal says he cooks Parathas daily for Pari, he wish for some interesting breakfast like burgers or pizzas. Mahek, Pari and Mishti were at once excited. Radhika warns everyone not to waste whatever she has cooked. They were all excited. Mauli calls Mishti from behind. Mishti runs into Mauli’s arms. Kunal sends Pari inside the room. Mauli kiss Mishti’s cheeks and says she missed her a lot. She tells Mishti she has come over, they will now live together. Kunal asks Mauli what was left her that she returned? Mauli replies her daughter was left, she came to pick her up. Kunal taunts really? If she was left, or chose not to go? He doesn’t think someone can rent a house overnight. Mauli says last night she was shocked because he came here to overturn her life all over. But now she has a place, and she came over to take her daughter. Kunal asks Mishti to go inside, then asks Mauli if she will stay at Ishaan’s place? She wants to live at Ishaan’s house without marrying him; he can’t allow his daughter to live in such an environment. Mauli clarifies to Kunal that Mishti isn’t his daughter, he never cared for her and has no fatherly rights as well. She brought Mishti up and earns well enough for themselves as well, he has no right over commenting over her deeds. Kunal asks if only Mauli has a right of moral policing. He can’t send Mishti until Mauli marries Ishaan. Mauli questions Kunal who is he to question her? He didn’t care for his marriage, he lives with anyone (looking towards Mahek) he wants to, then how he can question her? Kunal claps if Mauli means there is no difference between them. Mauli tells Kunal it’s not done, she was right earlier and is right even now as well. She has come over to take Mishti along. Her morals won’t allow her to take Mishti into any false settings. She will live with Mishti in a hotel. Mishti comes to say she doesn’t want to stay in any hotel. Mauli asks if Mishti loves her Mama. Mishti nods. Mauli says she will have to trust her as well; she takes Mishti along.
PRECAP: Ishaan meets Mishti and Mauli in the parking. He says Mauli must have asked him to accompany her here. Mauli says she wanted to do it alone. Until there is an arrangement of their living, they will stay at a hotel.

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