The Episode starts with Sudha acting unwell. Rohan goes to get water for her. Raman says there is no useful call, everyone is calling just for money. Sudha says this is only way to control Rohan, I will fool him and then add his middle page again. Karan calls her great. Rohan gets water and gives her. She says you are right Rohan, I don’t want to trouble Bhallas, your marriage was a drama, we shall get free of this, this agreement, its clearly mentioned that Bhallas will give us 100 crore compensation, I will remove this page, I just want my children, I really miss you. She cries. He says I will try to talk to Simmi and convince her, stop crying. She hugs him and thanks. Raman asks how long will we attend useless calls. Inspector says I m thinking the same. Raman says I m ready to give anything.
I want Ishita back. Sudha thinks Raman didn’t know anything about her yet. She says I will pray that you get Ishita back. He asks her to get out. She goes and says poor Raman, he thinks kidnappers didn’t see the news, kidnappers are afraid of Parmeet and didn’t double cross him, I have to tell this to Parmeet. Raman says arrest Parmeet and beat him up, he will confess his crime. Goons feel hungry and have no money. They get talking.
Ishita says listen, you need money right, my husband is offering 10 crores, just listen to me, that is enough for a good lifetime. Simmi thinks of Raman’s words. She gets hurt. Rohan reaches her in time. The goons discuss and think what to do, Parmeet will kill them. She says I can get more money for you, I will talk to my husband and ask him to pay you more. Rohan applies ointment to Simmi’s hand. Simmi says I m worried for Ishita. Goon says we know you are trying to trap us by greed. She says I m captive and helpless, you think police will do something to you, they will not take any risk, I will convince my husband not to inform police, make me go to him, take money and move on in life, trust me. Simmi says you think I will agree. Rohan says listen to me, read the contract papers once, mom has removed the 100 crore compensation clause, she is missing us a lot and want us to come home, she agreed to me, I can’t tell this to anyone else, please think about it, I want you to convince Aaliya and Ruhi to sign on these divorce papers, so that we get free of this relation. Goons say boss will kill us, but we can flee with money.

Ishita thinks Raman’s plan is working. Goon says fine, we want 20 crores, we have conditions, police will not follow us. She says 20 crores is a big amount, can I talk to Raman. He says don’t talk more than a min, police will track our location. Raman gets a call. She says Raman, I m calling from kidnappers’ phone, the phone may be tapped, call me from some other people. Raman gets shocked. He says it was a hoax call, I have back pain, I will take medicines. 
He takes Mr. Bhalla’s phone and calls on the number of kidnapper. He asks where are you. She says I don’t know the place, goons are saying they will leave me if you pay double price. He says tell them I will pay any price. Goon says tell him we will contact him. Ishita says let me talk to him once, he is shattered.

Raman says I will come to take you. She says I don’t know where I m, one thing, I think Sudha is behind this, we have no proof. He says we will find proof, tell me where are you. She says I can try to talk to kidnappers, I will try, I m going to be fine, I will keep myself fine for you, they can’t harm me, I have to hang up now. Goon takes the phone from her. She says Raman said he needs time to arrange money. Raman thinks I hope Ishita remains safe, I can’t tell this to anyone. He goes to hall and says I m fine. Inspector gets a call and goes to do his work. Raman thinks should I call back. Mr. Bhalla asks what are you doing with my phone. Raman says Ishita has called up, she is fine. Karan looks on. Mr. Bhalla says good, where is she. Raman says she has convinced kidnappers to leave her, she feels Parmeet is behind ths, we have to wait for right time to get him caught. Mr. Bhalla says its okay, she will handle it well, she is smart.
Parmeet says something is wrong, why are goons treating Ishita nicely, I think Karan is saying right, Sudha ji I have to go there and find out. He goes to meet the goons.

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