The Episode starts with Naira saying Lav and Kush are winners. Kartik looks at her and goes. Naira asks what happened, why did you come here. He says just like that. She asks the matter. He asks you tell me, baby origami made by me was better than that of kids. She says you are so jealous, kids will feel bad if they don’t win, what you made was cute, not beautiful, hot or pretty, just cute. He says I know what does cute mean. She says you are irritating me, I m finding it difficult to walk and you are dancing, you are eating sweets, you never said that I m looking beautiful, you are just calling me cute. He asks is cute not being pretty. She says no, cute is just cute. He says I don’t like to argue, I got leave from office to be here. They argue. She goes. He says I heard tigress gets dangerous when she is pregnant. Everyone comes and asks what’s the matter. Kartik says Naira is angry on me. Manish, and others tell him that its normal, women have much mood swings. They share their experiences. Kartik says thanks for breaking my courage. Mohit says no, keep the courage, everything will be fine. Kartik asks does Kirti behave similar. Naksh says don’t know, she doesn’t say anything on phone.
Kartik thinks why did she get angry on me for calling her cute. Surekha says this game will show which couple is cute. Naira thinks Kartik will get exposed now. 
Kartik thinks we are the closest, I will prove how much I love you. Suwarna says husband has make the loop and its not perfect… Surekha says it means love got decreased. Naksh takes the thread and makes the loop. He makes Kirti wear the thread loop and shows them. Everyone claps and says amazing Naksh. Kartik thinks I love you a lot and now I will prove it, my loop will be perfect. He tries hard and makes a loop. He makes Naira wear it. Everyone say Kartik’s loop will be perfect, their love is strong. The loop gets too big and falls down. Everyone laughs. Naira asks do I look so fat to you. Kartik says I didn’t know it. Akhilesh says romantic hero, what’s this guess, is everything fine in your life. Kartik says sorry, I thought you always look… Naira says cute, I m not just cute, but something more. She goes. He thinks how does she think that she isn’t beautiful, for me beauty is Naira. Pandit asks them to pray and do rituals. They do the rituals. Yeh rishta….plays…
Naira thinks why did he call me here. She comes to Kartik and says I was waiting for you in room. He asks are you upset with me, it was a big day for us, you didn’t enjoy and didn’t let me enjoy, what happened, I don’t understand. She says you have to keep me happy, you keep saying the same thing to irritate me. She cries and says you don’t love me, you are just keeping duties, Naira’s Kartik is lost somewhere, you don’t hug me, you don’t keep hand over me while sleeping, you don’t love me now, you don’t see me nowadays. 
He switches on lights. She sees her numerous pics hanging down. Yahan wahan….plays…. He says who said that I don’t love you, I get afraid that if I get emotional and hug tight, baby can get hurt, I don’t keep hand over you as baby may get uncomfortable, I m always in fear and I m being careful, who told you that I don’t find you beautiful, truth is you look more beautiful, there is much glow on your face. She cries.

He says I heard that when wife gets pregnant, guys look at other women, I can’t see anyone except you, I took off from office to not miss your smile and emotions, my senses are just dedicated to you. He hugs her. Kirti hugs Naksh. She says baby and I missed you a lot. He says I missed you too, are you happy. She says yes, I m afraid, its the same always, I feel scared when good things happen, like life is taking my test and I will fail. He says don’t worry, we are always together. Kartik hugs Naira and says I know you felt bad that I lost in the game, if you want proof of my love, I will prove it and show what I can do for you. He goes away. She says Kartik….
Kartik comes downstairs. Everyone gets shocked. Naira says Kartik, don’t do this.

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