The Episode starts with Naira saying Dadi was telling about stormy weather. Kartik says its not a big thing. She asks where are Naksh and Kirti. He says they should get some time. He takes her to show a surprise. She smiles seeing the lovely decorations. He says I have read some chapters from your mumma’s book, I read that Naitik got scolded by his Dadi when he took Akshara on terrace, I found that chapter cute. She says yes, I also find it cute. He says its cold even here, but I have a way to get saved from cold. They sit near bonfire. O re piya….plays…. They spend time. He kisses the baby. They hug and romance. They lie to sleep.

Its morning, Naira walks towards the place where Aditya is sitting. Dadi thinks I will call Kartik. She makes a video call to him. Dadi asks where is Naira, come back soon, everything is fine, but I feel worried. Kartik says weather is nice, its romantic, you are asking two couples to come back, its unfair. Dadi asks them to come back home before the day ends. She doesn’t listen to him and ends calls. Kartik says Dadi is afraid, its nothing. 
Kirti says its better we go back, even Naira will say the same. Naira says its enough, I shouldn’t worry much, we have come here to enjoy and will do this.
Naira passes by the swimming pool area. She hears the name Aditya and turns to see. She sees Aditya and says its better that Kirti doesn’t see her. She hears about Neelam and says but Aditya was going to marry Vaishali. He says why do I feel someone was here. Naira hides. Manish asks Dadi why is she worried. Akhilesh says how will they feel to come back early. Dadi says let them come, I m worried for Lav and Kush, they both are suffering from fever, they are taking Kartik and Naira’s names, its some warning, they have to come back for our sake, enough Manish, they have to come home before evening. Aditya calls out Neelam. Vaishali comes and says I don’t know about Neelam, but I m here. He gets shocked seeing her. Kartik, Naira, Naksh and Kirti come along Vaishali. Vaishali slaps Aditya. She says I trusted you, Kirti was so right about you. She apologizes to Kirti. She says I would have not known the truth if Naira didn’t call me, thanks Naira for saving my life. Aditya thinks I will not leave Naira and Kirti. Vaishali says I will ruin you Aditya. don’t be around my home and office, my lawyer will talk to you. She goes.
Kirti says some people never change. Naira says what can we expect from him. Naksh says shame on you Aditya. Aditya says they have troubled me even before, I will not leave them. Doctor says there is no infection, don’t know why they have much fever. Dadi worries and asks Manish where are they. Manish says they are coming, I didn’t tell them about Lav and Kush, don’t worry, they will be home soon. Dadi says I m tensed. She prays for everyone. Aditya drinks while driving. Kirti says I told you Naksh, whenever something good happens with me, something wrong happens. Kartik says whatever happened was good, I m proud of you Naira, you taught a lesson to Aditya and also saved Vaishali’s life. Weather gets windy. Naira sees the pole and worries. Some cloth gets on the windscreen. Kartik sees a truck coming and shouts Naira.
Aditya drives ahead to hit the car. Kartik and Naksh drive to either sides. One of the car gets hit by a truck.

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