The Episode starts with Kartik recalling his baby. He says no, this can’t happen. He cries and leaves from there. He goes to see Naira and collides with the stretcher. He sees Naira and says what will I say if she asks something. He asks when will Naira gain consciousness. Nurse says in half an hour, we are shifting her to room. He runs away. His phone falls there. Nurse picks his phone. She sees Suwarna’s call. Kartik runs on the road, and gets saved from the chasing vehicles. He thinks of his daughter and falls down. People gather. Kartik sees the temple and goes inside. He sees people praying and cries.

He says why did you do this with us Lord, Naira’s accident and then her dreams, and then all this happened, we thought our baby will come and everything will be fine, why did you snatch our baby, what will I answer Naira, and what will I tell Kirti’s baby about her, you took away the baby from the mother who is fine, and the baby who is fine can’t be seen by his mum, what shall I do, tell me, I can’t give this bad news to family, where is my phone, it means you don’t want this, what do you want, you will show me the way now, so that I can reduce the pain of my family.
Pandit says right and wrong depends on place and situations, taking a child away from mum isn’t right, but its right if its done for saving someone’s life, it will be called a sacrifice, like Devki has done, she has sent her son out so that he can accomplish his motives, it was destiny. Kartik looks on. He comes to hospital and sees Kirti and Naira in opposite wards. Naira gets up and shouts Kartik. She asks where is my baby, doctor. Doctor says calm down, relax. Kartik says tell the doctor not to tell her anything, she can’t handle this. Nurse says don’t worry, you can tell her your way. Naira cries for her baby.

Kartik worries. Nurse says your phone, you dropped it when you went out. He answers Manish’s call and says come fast, I can’t handle this alone. He cries holding his baby’s hospital tag. Nurse gets the baby. She says this is your nephew. Yeh rishta….plays…. He sees Naira and Kirti. He takes the baby. She says life is such, a mother has a child but she can’t be happy with him, and the other mother doesn’t have her child, she might accept the circumstances, but who would tell this baby about his mum, you all have to take care of him, its hard to say when will your sister come out of coma. He cries and kisses baby.
She asks did you hear story of Krishna, Devki gave him birth and Yashoda raised him. She goes. He says sorry baby, your mum isn’t in a state to take you, I m here but I can’t do anything. He recalls everything and sees Naira and Kirti. He recalls pandit’s words.

Kartik takes baby and gives to Naira. Naksh gets up and goes out. Naira asks is this our baby. Everyone reaches the hospital.

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