The Episode starts with Bhabhimaa and Devyaani blessing baby. Naira asks for Naksh. Naksh plays dhol and comes in. Everyone smiles seeing Naksh. He dances with some girls. He comes to Naira and hugs her. He says I had to come, its a big day for you. Kartik recalls everything. Naksh gets a pagdi and says its a gift for baby from Kirti and my side. Naira says we will use this turban in puja. Everyone sings Tere maathe bindiya…. Naira sits in puja. Naksh protects the flickering diya. He takes baby from Kartik. Kartik sits in puja. Some kinners come and dance. They call Naksh the baby’s dad and ask him to pay money. Naira says you can take any money, but don’t make mistakes with the relation, he is baby’s uncle, the baby’s dad is here. Naksh asks can’t uncle pay much. He gives money. Kartik thinks why is Lord doing this.
Dadi explains the kids that Brahma ji will come and write baby’s fate. Everyone prays. Naira says I will gradually learn praying for baby, I wish baby gets much love and always gets happy. Kartik thinks Lord write good fate for baby. Naksh takes baby in arms. Naira feels dizzy. Surekha asks what happened. Naira says I m little bit hurt. Surekha asks her to take rest. She says we should keep a nurse for Naira. Dadi asks Naira to go and rest. Naksh gives baby to Kartik. Kartik says sorry baby, you will hate me on knowing truth, I m not a bad person, I m afraid that truth may come out. Nandini says we should focus on Kirti, she will be fine soon. Mohit says yes Naksh, Akshara never lost faith in Naitik, I expect the same from you. Naksh says yes. Police comes. Naira gets the tag and asks Kartik how did this come here, that baby is gone. He says I have kept it. She says it will be difficult for them to handle this, baby is gone and Kirti is in coma. He says enough don’t say this. He says no, I m sorry to react this way. She says sorry, I will keep it safe, maybe Kirti will ask for it.
Inspector plays the footage and says we see the car which caused your accident, we don’t know whose car was it. Naksh asks Mohit to rewind, pause and zoom. He gets shocked and says Aditya…. Everyone get shocked. Naksh shouts Aditya has done this, I know he has done this intentionally, don’t leave him office, my baby left me, my wife is in coma because of him. Inspector says calm down, who is Aditya.

Mohit says I will tell you. Naksh says he has troubled us a lot, I won’t leave him. Devyaani asks why did he do this. Kartik sees the nurse and gets shocked. He says you told me that you won’t meet my family, why did you come here, I beg you, just go. Dadi says she won’t go anywhere, she will take care of Naira. He says we will manage, send her back. Dadi says she has much experience, staff can’t help Naira like her. Kartik says we will see, just ask her to leave. Naira and Dadi ask him what’s the matter. Dadi says you have praised the nurse at the hospital, when agency has sent her, I got happy. He says ask the agency to send someone else, just do as I say, I must be saying it for a reason. He goes. Naira says I find this very strange. Mohit and Nandini ask Naksh why did they interfere in Aditya’s life.
Naksh says we didn’t do wrong, we saved Vaishali’s life, Naira has done this to save Vaishali from him. Baisa asks him to say this to Kirti’s Maayka. Naksh says no, we will keep Naira away from all this, I will handle this. Baisa says I told Devyaani not to let Kirti work with Aditya. Naksh says elders taught me to separate professional and personal lives. Devyaani says its still connected. Naksh says you all think that I m responsible for her state, maybe you are right, what will I answer her, she will hate me, she didn’t wish to take this order, the moment she found out that Aditya is involved, she refused, I shouldn’t have forced her. He cries. Nandini says she will hate Aditya, not you. Bhabhimaa says Lord will punish him. Kartik says I can’t let her stay here, else I will have a fear that she can tell anything to Naira, Naira is happy, she thinks this is her baby. Naira comes to him.
Kartik and Naira are sleeping. She wakes up and asks where is my baby. She cries saying I want my baby and faints.

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