The Episode starts with Naira listening to her good and bad inner selves. She thinks of Kartik. Kartik says we will also stay back in the function. Devyaani asks him to just go. They make the men out of the house. Kartik says we should have been there, what will we do here. Akhilesh says I have an idea. Manish says we got beaten up when we got caught up last time. Akhilesh says forget it, we will play cricket. Kartik calls Naksh and asks where are you. Naksh says its good you didn’t tell Kirti anything, I can’t come there. Kartik says you should have come. Naksh says I couldn’t make it. Kartik says just try, Kirti is really missing you. He asks Krishna ji to do something and send Naksh.

Kirti and Naira ask about games. Priyanka says there are games, singing and dancing. Naira thinks Naksh will be coming, Kirti shouldn’t get upset. She asks can I ask something, did I change a lot in pregnancy, don’t I look like before, Kartik calls me cute, chubby, he doesn’t say pretty. Kirti says I find you same, I have become chubbier, I m enjoying myself, this is all normal during pregnancy. Kartik tries to hear everyone. He says its enough, the ladies are snatching our rights, we can’t be here, its not fun to be here, we must raise our voice against this injustice.
Manish says my son is saying right. They all agree. Dadi asks kids to keep sweets in every corner of the house. Bhabhimaa asks which game shall I play first. Devyaani says lets change the game a bit, everyone will act like their husband, and express some specific behavior of them. They make Surekha start the game. Surekha acts like Akhilesh. Everyone claps. Kartik and others come there and look on. They all laugh. Suwarna acts like Manish on Dadi’s saying. Akhilesh says Suwarna has done this perfectly. Naira says its Kirti’s turn now. Kirti says no, Naira has to do it first. Naira goes and acts like Kartik. Everyone laughs.

The game goes on. Everyone misses Naksh. Suwarna and Surekha start dancing. Naira sings tere maathe bindiya….. Everyone dances. Even Kartik and other men dance, donning the ghunghat on faces. Bhabhimaa says Naira is just like Akshara. Everyone sees Kartik and other men. Dadi says Kartik…. Naira sees him and thinks he has come to enjoy the function, he didn’t come to call me beautiful. Her good and bad selves start becoming her voice again. Panditain says puja time is close, just get the puja items. Devyaani says I have kept things here. Naira says you will find it, don’t worry. Devyaani describes the bag. Lav and Kush find the bag and get it. Dadi says I insisted you to keep function at our place, you don’t have any gents at home, even then you wanted to do function here. Panditain asks them to start puja without any delay.
She asks Naira and Kirti to prepare their puja plate. Naira checks a coconut. She is called by someone. She keeps coconut in plate and goes. Dadi says this is Naira’s plate, the coconut has no water, Devyaani couldn’t get good coconut. Surekha asks shall I go and tell her. Dadi says no, it will spoil their mood, go and get some good coconuts. She goes. Naira takes the puja plate. Kartik comes to her and kisses. He asks shall I help you. She says I don’t do cheating. He shows her some cute stuff. She refuses to accept. They get arguing. He thinks she is so rude, she is ruining the moment. He gets Naksh’s call. Naksh says I have tried my best, I m going for a meeting, I can’t come, take care of Kirti. Naira says Kirti doesn’t know anything, Naksh wanted to come, but couldn’t come. They see someone….
Suwarna tells them about a game. Kartik loses in the game and apologizes to Naira.

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