Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Shocking! Amyra on death bed Sikander send Kulfi to boarding school
Amyra on death bed Sikander (Mohit Malik) send Kulfi (Aakriti Sharma) to boarding school is the major turning point on Star Plus popular show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala.

It seems Amyra gets critical where Sikander rushes to her.

Once again Sikander will be left in major dilemma where Lovely forces him to choose between Amyra and Kulfi.

Left with no other option and seeing Amyra almost breathing her last, Sikander makes a tough decision.

Sikander sends Kulfi to boarding school gifting Amyra new life
Sikander promises Amyra to send Kulfi to boarding school.
Will Sikander’s this decision bring Amyra back to life?

How will Kulfi accept this decision of Sikander?

Does that mean Lovely won once again?

Let’s wait and watch.

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