Lovely tells Amyra that we must do something to throw away Kulfi from Sikander’s existence today itself.

Sikander and family arrive at the music feature kept in his honor. Nimrat comes to the green room. Kulfi follows her.

Kulfi takes away the engagement ring and runs to the stage. the two come in the front of the screen implanted for the shadow scene.

Kulfi traps Nimrat in her talks and forces her to confess her evil plan. Nimrat raises her hand on Kulfi. Sikander walks in tearing the screen and forestalls her.
Sikander lashes out at Nimrat for trying to hit Kulfi. Kulfi exhibits Nimrat’s mystery to Sikander. She pleads in the front of Sikander not to marry Nimrat.

Sikander says he’s going to no longer marry Nimrat because Kulfi doesn’t want him to marry her.

Lovely says that we will should kick out Kulfi from Sikander’s life as quickly as possible.

Amyra has the same opinion and says that she is ready.
Sikander and Kulfi sing a lovely duet music.

Meanwhile, Lovely takes out something out from her purse and makes Amyra drink it. Amyra walks up to the stage.
Amyra faints,all tensed. Sikander takes her to hospital. whilst Kulfi attempts to accompany Sikander, lovely stops her.

Lovely is confident that Sikander will throw Kulfi out of his life after this. Kulfi tensed seeing Amyra.

Amyra begins to sink. The medical doctors fail to apprehend the reason behind Amyra’s health. lovely says Amyra was in stress due to their divorce.

Lovely stops Sikander from going close to Amyra. Sikander shattered.

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