Naagin 3: Bela’s (Surbhi Jyoti) double game with Sumitra (Rakshanda Khan) snatches Mahir and naagmani 
The upcoming episode of Colors supernatural drama Naagin 3 is up for high voltage drama.

Bela and Vikrant are stuck in Sumitra’s trap and still give tough fight to Sumitra.

Yuvi puts Mahir’s life at risk and asks Bela to hand over naagmani nor he will push Mahir from cliff and kill him.

Yuvi is all determined and Sumitra asks Bela to hand over naagmani while Bela has double game to play.

Bela’s double game with Sumitra
Bela rushes to Mahir and pushes him and naagmani from cliff, Yuvi and Sumitra.
Bela knew that if she will do so then Mahir and naagmani both will go in naaglok and makes promise to Mahir that she will save him.

Yuvi and Sumitra lose a big chance and thus both Mahir and naagmani are out of their hands.

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