Silsila Mauli holds a good news to share. Mauli tries to stop Kunal from getting strained while recalling the past. She learns the kids’ mischief. She takes him away from the flat. She reprimands the kids for getting Kunal to his old flat. Kunal sees Nandini’s pictures everywhere. He doesn’t realize their relation. Mauli thinks of the worse consequences. She finds the kids really wrong to put Kunal’s life in danger. Kunal reminisces Nandini. He doesn’t know who Nandini was. He tells Mauli and Radhika that he has seen a girl with him in his flashes. He feels he knows Nandini well. Mauli tries to calm down his anxiety. He describes Nandini for her. Mauli gets terrified and also feels the pain seeing his love for Nandini.

She asks Kunal if he knows that girl. Kunal tries to think about Nandini. He gets some flashes and tells Mauli that he had saved that girl from her torturing husband. He feels Nandini is still in trouble. He tells her that maybe Nandini still needs their help. He asks Mauli to try to find the girl so that they can help her in time. Mauli asks him not to think much about it. She asks him to take his medicines on time. Kunal’s progress comes as a good news when doctor confirms this.
Doctor tells Mauli that Kunal didn’t get a stroke, it means normal anxiety. He tells her that Kunal is showing positive developments. Mauli and Radhika get happy that Kunal is getting his memory back. Radhika tells Mauli that Kunal will soon remember everything. Kunal tries to find out Nandini. He gets some memories of her and tries to find out. He doesn’t get any information about her.

Mauli and Radhika meet Ishaan and surprise him with the good news. They tell him that kids have done a good thing and now Kunal may get his memory back. She is happy that she will be back with Ishaan and resume a normal life with him soon. Mauli apologizes to Ishaan. Ishaan forgives her. Radhika gets happy seeing them happy together. The kids plan an outing. They make a request to take Kunal along. Kunal gets hints that he has missed out some years from his life. He gets Nandini’s CD for Mauli. He gets close to know the big truth of his past. Can Kunal handle the truth? Keep reading.

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