Yeh Rishta Kaira accident twist. The upcoming track will bring a major drama once again. Things get too complicated for Kartik and Naira. Kartik wants her forgiveness and walks blank on the roads. When he runs towards his home to meet Naira, he comes across a speeding truck. He gets saved from getting run over by the truck. Dadi learns the shocking news of Kartik’s major accident and breaks down. She informs the family about Kartik’s accident, which brings a wave of sorrow for Goenkas once again. Naira recollects Kartik’s lie and tries to know the truth behind his lie. She realizes the reason for Kartik’s lie, that’s his immense love and concern for her. She feels Kartik had lied to her and handed over Krish just for her sake. She feels responsible for Kartik’s mistake.

She pleads to the family to forgive Kartik. Naira breaks down when Dadi reveals his accident news. Naira and Goenkas determine to forgive Kartik and rush to know about his condition. Naira will be forgiving Kartik for his mistake of baby swapping. Naira reaches Kartik and feels fortunate to know that he is absolutely fine. Kartik and Naira get blessed by the family to overcome the huge odds of life. They decide to start afresh.

While they relive their old romance and lovey dovey moments, another twist shakes their lives. Their happiness shatters with an accident twist. They stay lost in each other and don’t realize the danger approaching. Naira loses her memory in the upcoming track. Kartik and Naira’s love story halts because of Naira’s alienation. Kartik gets a big task to remind their relation to Naira and win her love back. Kartik will be beginning from Point zero since Naira has no memories of their love. Kartik and Naira’s separation track begins. Kartik accepts the truth of her memory loss. He gears up to make Naira fall in love with him again, even if she doesn’t regain her memory. Kartik will be handling the tough situation and attempt to help her recover from the new disaster.

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